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Thread: Shall I approach her physically?

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    Touch her slightly... when u are together.
    From this u can know if she is looking for sex
    Like holding hands and then embracing then kissing etc.. if she is ok wth all these, there is a 99% probability that she will like sex also

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    Default Bad debts are being recovered

    This is only a clue that for some reasons she might have left you but now she has decided to live with you.

    As you said, You both had physical relation at one time, it is not so hard to understand that she would not stop you. After all, she is not fool, she knows the extent of her past relations with you and still she is joining you, it really means that she has done after thinking all the aspects.

    It seems that you would have lost something in past and which is now being recovered.

    As far as your anxiety of getting involved in sex with her, it is also advisable to keep patience and just believe that she is coming for you and not only for sex. If you are in her likings, if you give positive hints, you will surely get what you want.

    Ethically speaking, if she told you to have a room with two single beds, then it is for sure that she is coming to you to test your patience.

    You feel her and let you be felt by her and pass your fragrance to her. I don't think, she would not have desire to have physical with you.

    However, all your past thoughts, experiences, feelings, are with you. This is general advise and ofcourse is not binding on special circumstances, as it is not explained here.

    Good luck.

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    Ofcouse u approach but dont force her.If she wants sex even then u should be first to start as girls are shy to is a part of life nthing is wrong in sex if both u r agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by rohit_khannas View Post
    HI all, First of all i would like to thanks preeto mam for this forum, her patience to answer the querries of ppl and to others who give their valuable suggestions.......

    I already had asked all of your help and u had stupendously helped me to improvise my filthy relationship into a blossoming flower again.
    After my 5 yrs of relationship was gonna end, i was trying hard to get that bach and finally, My GF is coming to my city after long 15 months to see me...
    We both are working away from our homes in different cities...
    Nw she is coming over to see me on my birthday and askin to book a hotel as she can't stay alone she is akin me to stay wid her..
    so we r planning to go some resort nearby....

    We had shared BED previously as well, but after some fights, we were on the urge of breakup, after she asked her parents to make her marry wid me and some intercaste marrige stuffs n all, she was not even allowing me to talk the way v used to do previously( honey, love u , kiss u, miss u types) over the phone but after this long denial of 15 months she is coming to share the room with me and asked me if possible to take a room with two single beds...

    Need ur advise if i shud wait for her if she want to be in the same physical relationship she was earlier by initiating it or i shud give some more time...
    acc to me we were sooooo close to each other and this distance is there that can be removed only by geting physical again?
    so when i will meet her this time i shud hint her abt my clumsy feelings of shall i resist myself...
    I just love her ad wanna get back to my life compeletly, so i can wait thats not a probs but i dnt think will get a chance to get closer to her in near future...
    so to get her back i shud wait or let the go going????

    Thanks in advance to those also who are giving their valuable time to read but not replies!!!!!!
    she still loves you, that's why she wants to see you. However she does not seem to be wanting a relationship!

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    Default Chill a bottle of Champagne!

    Get a nice bottle of Champagne. Chill it and open it in celebration of your getting together after 15 months. If she refuses to have it, go to your own bed and sleep. If she drinks it and you both polish the bottle, then things would move in the right direction and you both would need only one bed. The champagne would help her and you in shedding inhibitions.

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    U have nothing to lose
    if she is not willing for physical, she wwas trying to be away from u after all.
    So suppose u begin it and she gets angry and breaks up, u got nothing toi lose, so try it.
    On the other hand if u succeed, there are many benefits too

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    She will approach u if shee needs sex!!
    wiat for the night.. when she is ready she will let u know

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