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Thread: stress is making me dumb ?!

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    Default stress is making me dumb ?!

    I cant focus on work ...

    I feel i have long term stress and memory problem due to that. (ex. I forgot my mom's phone number).I cant focus on complex stuff l

    people have targeted me in ways i felt they can never dare to. I try to ignore it mostly though.i lack words, logical reaction etc when i need to say something to people who try to attack me by words.

    wife says no to sex until i earn good consistently .

    How can i show power to people disturbing me in a positive way...

    And i could not clear a simple misunderstanding due to lack of courage...and it snowballed...i could not cut losses and move forward passive aggressive attitude got me in problem ..and why some people hate me like anything ...

    why standards change when its me ...

    stress/anger is making me dumb actually.

    and i fear if i dont handle things now it will get even worse. I may have to threat some guys but i feel i will make mistakes and make things even worse.

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    Well, its not making you dumb but you seem to be getting in a state of negativity because of stress. If you have too much on your mind, you are bound to start forgetting things, reacting in a way thats not natural to you etc. You must work on yourself and stop minding the small things that happen around you. people don't always mean things in a negative way you know.

    There are many tips on good sites as to how you can beat stress. Look at those and practice on yourself. You will be fine.

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