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Thread: I can't create thread.

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    Default I can't create thread.

    I am not able to create new thread in Bollywood Celebrities section. plz help me out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcool.99x View Post

    I am not able to create new thread in Bollywood Celebrities section. plz help me out.
    Complete 100 post as soon as possible then you will be able to create thread there ,otherwise create thread some other section and ask any moderator to approve it and move it to Celebrities section
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    there is another amendment to this rule now cheekz

    New comers at SBF will not be able to post a thread now in Indian and Global Celebs Section though they will be able to reply to a thread. Once they are promoted to SantaBanta Trusted Group (with 10+ posts in 30 days) they can create new threads as well.
    please find history below


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