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Thread: Sila Sahin Nude Photo Spread Enrages Muslim Fanatics

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    Exclamation Sila Sahin Nude Photo Spread Enrages Muslim Fanatics

    German soap star Sila Sahin, 25, sparked fury in German Muslim circles when she appeared in a nude photo spread for the German edition of Playboy magazine.

    Sila, whose parents are Turkish, described getting her kit off and flashing her bits, as a truly liberating experience, saying that she had taken the naked route as a rebellious stance against what she described as her 'strict, repressive' upbringing.'

    But the Muslim community were far from pleased, with many saying that Ms Sahin's shameless exhibitionism ran in direct opposition to the tenets of Islamic teaching, and declaring that she should be stoned, until her eyes water, or something equally barbaric.

    One prominent UK Muslim, kebab shop entrepreneur, Ali Bullo, originally Turkish himself, said:

    "She very pretty. She beautiful. I like the pictures very much, but she is Muslim girl and she should not do this naked picture stuff. It is the job of the cheap, tattooed, white girls, like the ones who hang around outside kebab shop to take kit off and show off their bits and pieces. She must be punished for this. It is wrong. I, personally would punish her by buying her a king sized doner with salad and garlic sauce, taking her off somewhere in my van and giving her pert little bottom many slappings. But no very hard slappings. I no want to make her cry or anything. Then I would hold her in my arms to comfort her, stroke her hair, and tell her what a naughty, naughty girl she has been. That would be bladdy good for me innit!"
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    thanks for sharing........good info....

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