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Thread: She was lying

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    Spent a night in a tent does not mean she is not a virgin. maybe she wasn't lying or may be she did. But even she would have lied it would only be to stop you from getting sad. It is ok as long as she cares enough to lie ! Forget about it , don't try to find out . Just be happy with her.

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    well this virginity thing is really a trouble for many men. they keep thinking abt it and create disturbance in their married life.

    I found a video on youtube by a doc who does V Test ! He told the process and warned only a doc can confirm it and needs the woman's permission. I remember saying him ...VV can accomodate a index finger anything bigger than that needs to strech that.

    he also said something abt ....7 0' clock shape of inner part in non V.

    So docs do use some methods ...they are taught this to investigate in rape cases. but they use it to check Virginity mainly in islamic countries which is illegal and not a 100% vaild process. Many times V girls are distressed due to absence of such signs which is also possible.

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