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Thread: Ecp Consumed twice in two months

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    Default Ecp Consumed twice in two months

    Hi Mam!
    Me and My Girlfriend had sex sex couple of times within a time span of two months exactly. Both times she have taken an ECP (Unwanted-72) i know its not advisable to take this tablet repeatedly.
    Does Having ths tablet twice in short pan of time will harm her in future??
    I m scared that it may harm her in future and may complicate issues when she gets pregnant after marriage!

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    Well, it should not really have an impact on the childbearing but having said that, you had better be careful in future and take some responsibility for protection while having sex. ECP is certainly not the way out and nor is it meant to be misused in this way. That's sheer carelessness, you know.

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    Repeated usage of ECPs will indeed have long-term complications. Next time better use condoms or rather have sex after marriage, that way u would save urself (as well as us) from all this headache.
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    Taking ECP a lot wont have any serious effect but the pill is just for tmeprorary use.. thats its purpose. FOr repeated usage u should think of someother method like condoms etc

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    ECP dont have any serious side effects.
    Two times a month is ok.
    BUt if u had to take ECP two times, it shows u need to think about lng-term birht control methods

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    seems like u like direct touch..better use ultra thin condoms.

    but remember reverse is never an option anal without condom..its risky
    e coli and other bacteria may get into ur system...and damage ur bladder and evetually kidney if u are really uncaring abt ur self.

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    ECP is safe healthwise.. and twice in two months is fine
    Bt the question is, why did u take it.. I mean the reason.

    Was it because u were quick into sex and couldnt find any other birthcontrol method because of shortage of time?

    or was it because u found it the easy method?

    If its first then u are in the right path. Thats what ECP is for, its for emergency conditions

    If its second, u should think again and should look for better alternatives. Dont make ECP consumption a habit

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    Dont worry, its a safe medicine.. the maximum u can have is nausea or vomiting etc
    If it wasnt safe they wouldnt be selilng it over the counter

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