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Thread: I am looking for a movie

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    Default I am looking for a movie

    hi! I'm from turkey.And I love so much Bollywood.

    I know very little English.I am looking for a movie.I watched a few years ago.
    But unfortunately I can not remember his players.Only I know the subject.

    Husband and wife are separated as a result of misunderstanding.There is also the son of one of them.The child's father, his wife, his anger and feel like the same his son.Or by asking if I or your mother forces the child to choose.A child does not want to lose her father forced her to choose.One day the child hit by a car and removed to the hospital.His parents blame each other because of the accident.They fight as long as the child's heartbeat, the heart weakens and eventually stops.Mother and father realizes his mistake and one another cry for jaundice.They fixed it when the child's heart begins to beat again.Thus the movie ends happily.

    That was the subject of the film.If there is among you remember the name of this film, please tell me?I called myself but I could not find much.Please help me.

    Thank you in advance.

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    thanks XD

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    i think the movie you are talking about is Kaash... its a lovely movie..

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