Cricket is one of our favorite sports, and we tune into it every single day. However, when it comes to direct competition with Tennis, cricket is completely bowled out of the competition. Here are 10 reasons why Tennis totally kicks Cricket's ***.

Tennis Has Sexy Women, Cricket Doesn't
When was the last time you saw a female cricketer and went, "Damn, I'd like to tap that!"? Our guess is NEVER! Also, don't make a case for IPL cheerleaders, because those clueless birds are on camera for all of 30 seconds per inning. So it's fifteen-love Tennis.

There are Micromini Skirts in Tennis and None in Cricket

When was the last time a pair of legs in stubby cricket trousers made you forget about the score completely? Again, our guess is NEVER as again, IPL cheerleaders don't count.

Tennis Has Sexy Grunts and Moans

None of us has ever intentionally watched a tennis match with no volume, especially a women's match. We all want to hear the sinfully desperate moans of Maria Sharapova as she lunges forth to reach for the ball. Just saying that paints quite a picture. In cricket more sound means more middle-aged commentators talking about young players tampering with balls!

Tennis Outfits are More Stylish Than Cricket Uniforms

Anyone with a pair of functional eyes who doesn't share Govinda's fashion sense will agree with this one! Cricket teams the world over are covered head to toe in gaudy colors like fluorescent green, golden, silver, orange, violet and brown. To add to this they even have shirts filled with incoherent logos that make them look like highway trucks. Whatever happened to the golden rule of 'less is more'? Tennis still thrives on it and is thus better off.

Cricket's Slower than Tennis
I know, most of you will promptly point to T20. But even this abridged version of the gentlemen's game is an hour too long compared to the snappy splendor of a three or five-set game.

There's More Money in Tennis

Even with all its riches, cricket is no match for tennis when it comes to a heavy pay check. The winners of cricket's marquee tournament, the World Cup, walk away with a handsome $3,000,000 collectively, whereas a single tennis player can walk away with more than $1,500,000 (at least) for every grand slam he or she wins. In case, you didn't know, the cricket World Cup is held once in four years, but there are four tennis grand slam events each year. This makes tennis much more lucrative, in case you're still scratching your head.

Tennis Video Games Rule

When was the last time you were completely satisfied with a cricket video game? God knows everyone from EA Sports to Codemasters has tried and failed miserably. Tennis, on the other hand has spawned several successful games. These include the immensely popular Virtua Tennis and Topspin series. Once you play tennis on a Wii, you'll forget all about cricket!

Tennis Gear is Cheaper

Cricket comes with a lot of expensive gear. Decent club level cricket gear can set you back a whopping Rs 20,000 at least. Even seasoned tennis pros don't need to spend that much to gear up for a match.
Cricket's Sold Out
Despite its riches, tennis has not stooped to the level of cricket, where advertisers shamelessly smear their logos on the playing surface and almost all over players' uniforms. Tennis endorsements are more subtle and much classier as they don't interfere with a player's individual identity. No DLF maximums and Maxx Mobile time-outs in tennis!

Tennis is not as fixed as cricket

Despite the odd complaint from some small-time tournament, the ATP has managed to keep tennis clean to a large extent. Cricket, on the other hand, is a literal throw of the dice, what with major spot fixing and match fixing allegations surfacing every couple of years. With tennis, what you see is what you get, sadly we can't say the same about cricket!

So it's game, set, match Tennis