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Thread: Interview | Freida Pinto: Indians want to be White!

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    Thumbs down Interview | Freida Pinto: Indians want to be White!

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    Here is an excerpt from her Interview in Popular british newspaper Independent where she talks about India's Fair Skin Obsession and struggles faced by dark skinned women in indian modeling industry/bollywood:

    At college in her mid-teens, Pinto had realised that theatre and literature were her "calling". To earn some money, she began modelling. The well-mannered, inquisitive youngster found it easy working with photographers, but it was far from satisfying. Nor was the advertising work which followed.

    "There were some very silly, stupid auditions that I had to go for. Like, there's this girl who walks into college and nobody's paying any attention to her because she is not using this particular cream – some kind of moisturiser or fairness cream, which I'm completely against. Then she'd put on the cream and all the boys would turn to her. And, I was like, 'Arrgh, this is so bloody cheesy!' If I ever got shortlisted for any of those parts I'd feel this sudden burden: 'Oh my God, if I do this, they'll pay me and I'll earn my pocket money – but then it's gonna be history.' Some of my ads are now on YouTube and it's just so embarrassing."

    Embarrassing, yes, but she can laugh about them. "There is a silly Wrigley chewing-gum ad you should check out. It's so stupid. This guy pops a gum in his mouth and I fall from a tree on to his bike! Then he's got a girl!" Pinto cracks up with laughter at the memory. "So from doing cheesy stuff like that to doing something as fulfilling as Miral – I think I've come a long way."

    She has, but Pinto can't, and won't, forget where she has come from. She despairs at the popularity of those "fairness creams" in Southeast Asia – bleaching potions to lighten the skin. "It's completely wrong medically – and culturally, of course, because it's giving people the wrong idea. My friend who's a doctor told me that she'd have parents come in with kids who were three years old, saying, 'Do something – I want my baby to be fair.'

    "It's just this thing that people [in India] are so fascinated by white skin. There's a lot of people there who are naturally really pale. But the whole idea that you have to be fair – without naming actors, but there are actors who admit it – the fairer you are, the easier it is."

    Even within Bollywood? "Oh yeah, absolutely. The amount of pancake cream on your face is ridiculous. I don't think it is required, by the way. If a cream can give you confidence then you really have to check your whole confidence department in the first place."

    But Pinto herself is a bright beacon for Indian actors. Slumdog Millionaire showed that European and American audiences could be receptive to non-Western stories. And with her nonstop career since, this proudly Indian actress has succeeded in Hollywood without having to compromise by changing her looks or the way she speaks.

    "Yeah," she nods, "but it's so funny. I feel like this whole idea of wanting something that you don't really have is also very American in a way. They love tanning! Why the hell are you tanning that much? Then in my country people want a fairer skin tone! It's just crazy.

    "So when I was that Indian export that went to America and people were wanting that natural tan – which I don't really have to go through tanning [to acquire] – they were excited to include something in their culture, into their film industry, that was not really there already. Or not properly or appropriately represented. So I just feel that this was a change.

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    very true...and sad...

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