Indian actress Freida Pinto, who has made his place in the international lavel After the success of her film Slumdog Millionaire talks about her relationship with Beau Dev Patel.

26-year-old actress is dating Dev Patel for two years, says that they have reached a career commitments come before their relationship.

The actor met shortly Patel on the sets of the Oscar-winning film and said that if their work schedules to separate for months that I don’t care, reports Contact music.

“We have reached a situation where understanding is essential. Now we do not need Skype at any time, no need to talk by phone every day. It’s just good to understand that there is a movie right now, so now going to be a busy day for him, call me tomorrow, ” Pinto said.

The actress, who studied English literature at the University of Mumbai, admits she never felt “satisfied” with the university and although it has achieved a lot, she feels that she and her sister are “less educated”.

“In fact, I did not mind school, and I liked the college and university life . But while that was happening I did not know that was not very satisfactory. For example, among my circle of friends, I am less educated,” said Pinto .