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Thread: Details about all file extensions

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    P Source code (Pascal)
    P Application parameter file (ReaGeniX code generator)
    P Picture file (APPLAUSE)
    PA Print Artist Project file
    PA1 Worktable (PageAhead)
    PAB Personal Address Book (Microsoft)
    PAC Package file (Sound Blaster Studio II)
    PAC Image (Stad)
    PAD Keypad definition (Telemate)
    PAF Personal Ancestry File (free genealogy software from the Mormon Church)
    PAK Compressed archive (PAK)
    PAK WAD file (Quake)
    PAL A compressed file (Generic)
    PAL Color palette (Microsoft)
    PAN Printer specific file (CorelDRAW)
    PAQ Password encrypted zip file (Hewlett-Packard)
    PAR Parts application (Digitalk PARTS)
    PAR Parameter file (Fractint)
    PAR Permanent output file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
    PAS Source code file (Borland Pascal)
    PAT Hatch pattern file (DataCAD)
    PAT Pattern file (CorelDRAW)
    PAT Patch file (Advanced Gravis Ultrasound/Forte Technologies)
    PAT exePatch utility used for Warcraft2 (WarHack)
    PB Fax (FAXability Plus)
    PB Phone book (WinFax Pro)
    PB Setup file (PixBase)
    PB1 Document (First Publisher for Windows)
    PBA Source code file (Powerbasic BASIC) (Genus)
    PBD Phone book (FaxNOW!-Faxit)
    PBD Dynamic library, an alternative to a native DLL (PowerBuilder)
    PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File
    PBI Include file (PowerBasic) (Genus)
    PBI Profiler binary input file (Microsoft Source Profiler)
    PBK Microsoft Phonebook
    PBL Library file used in a development environment (PowerBuilder)
    PBL PowerBasic library (Genus)
    PBM Portable bitmap graphic
    PBM Planar bitmap graphic (XLib)
    PBN Portable Bridge Notation file
    PBO Profiler binary output (Microsoft Source Profiler)
    PBR Resource file (PowerBuilder)
    PBT Profiler binary table (Microsoft Source Profiler)
    PC Text file (IBM)
    PC3 Custom palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    PC8 Ascii text IBM8 character set (NewWave Write)
    PCB Application data file (Microsoft Powerpoint)
    PCC Cutout picture vector graphics (PC Paintbrush)
    PCD Image (Kodak Photo-CD)
    PCD P-Code compiled test scripts as in Microsoft Test and Microsoft Visual Test
    PCE Maps Eudora mailbox names to DOS filenames
    PCF Profiler command file (Microsoft Source Profiler)
    PCH Patch file (Generic)
    PCH Precompiled header file (Microsoft C/C++)
    PCI PCI Miniport file (Microsoft Windows System file)
    PCJ Multimedia authoring tool graphics (IBM Linkaway-Live)
    PCK Pickfile (Turbo Pascal)
    PCL Printer Control Language file (printer-ready bitmap) (Hewlett-Packard)
    PCM Audio file
    PCM PCM file (OKI MSM6376 Sythesizer Chip)
    PCP Live Update Pro file (Symantec)
    PCS Animation (PICS)
    PCS Picture storage file (Microsoft)
    PCT PICT drawing (Macintosh)
    PCW Text file (PC Write)
    PCX PC Paintbrush bitmap (ZSoft)
    PDA Bitmap graphics
    PDB Data file (TACT)
    PDB Physical model backup file (PowerDesigner)
    PDB Database file (3Com PalmPilot)
    PDB Brookhaven Protein Database file
    PDD Graphic image that can be opened with Paint Shop Pro and Adobe PhotoDeluxe
    PDF Portable Document file (Adobe Acrobat) (displayable with a Web browser)
    PDF Definition File
    PDF Printer Definition File (Netware)
    PDF Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit)
    PDL Project description language file (Borland C/C++)
    PDM Physical model file (PowerDesigner)
    PDP Print Shop Deluxe file (Broderbund)
    PDQ Flowcharting PDQ Lite file (Patton&Patton)
    PDS Photographic image file (origin not yet identified)
    PDS Hardware assembly source code file (Pldasm)
    PDT Database file (ProCite)
    PDV Printer driver (Paintbrush)
    PDW Document (Professional Draw)
    PDX Database index file (ProCite)
    PE3 Image archive file (Ulead PhotoImpact)
    PE3 Image archive file (QuickViewer)
    PE4 Image archive file (Ulead PhotoImpact v.4.0)
    PEB Program Editor bottom overflow file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
    PED Program Editor delete save file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    PEM Program Editor macro (WordPerfect for Windows library)
    PEQ Program Editor print queue file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    PER Program Editor resident area file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
    PES Program Editor work space file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
    PET Program Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
    PF Encrypted file (Alladin Systems)
    PF Windows XP prefetch file (data read into RAM in anticipation of a user asking for it)
    PFA Type 3 font (ASCII)
    PFB Type 1 font (binary)
    PFC PF Component file
    PFC Text file (First Choice)
    PFC Personal filing cabinet file (AOL)
    PFD SoftPro Real Estate Proform Document Format
    PFF Paraform file for 3D modeling (Scandata)
    PFK Programmable function keys (XTreePro)
    PFM Printer Font Metrics (Microsoft)
    PFS Database text file (PFS:Write)
    PFT Printer font (ChiWriter)

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    PG Page cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
    PGI Printer graphics file device driver (PGRAPH Library)
    PGL Plotter drawing (Hewlett-Packard)
    PGM Portable Graymap (bitmap)
    PGM Program file (Signature)
    PGN Portable game notation file (ChessMaster and others)
    PGP PGP encrypted file
    PGS Manual page (man4dos)
    PH Temporary file generated by Microsoft Help Compiler
    PH Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)
    PH Perl header file
    PH Phrase-table (Microsoft C/C++)
    PHN Phone list (UltraFax)
    PHN Phone list (QmodemPro)
    PHO Phone database (Metz Phone for Windows)
    PHP HTML page that includes a PHP script
    PHP3 HTML page that includes a PHP script
    PHR Phrases (LocoScript)
    PHTML HTML page that includes a PHP script
    PHTML perl-parsed HTML
    PI1 Low resolution picture file (Dages Elite)
    PI2 Medium resolution picture file (Dages Elite)
    PI3 High resolution picture file (Dages Elite)
    PIC Bitmap (PC Paint)
    PIC Pixar picture file (SDSC Image Tool)
    PIC Picture file (Lotus)
    PIC PICT drawing (Macintosh)
    PIC 3D Image file (SoftImage)
    PICT PICT image file (Macintosh)
    PIF Program Information File
    PIF PIF drawing (IBM)
    PIF Vector graphics GDF file (IBM Mainframe)
    PIF Compressed archive (Macintosh)
    PIG WAD file (Lucas Arts Dark Forces
    PIN Data file (Epic Pinball)
    PIN Data file (Epic Pinball)
    PINS Password file of the program PINs, Passwords & Co.
    PIX Bitmap (Inset Systems)
    PIX Alias image file (SDSC Image Tool)
    PJ Project file (CA-SuperProject)
    PJ Source Integrity file (MKS)
    PJT Visual FoxPro memo file (Microsoft)
    PJT Visual Foxpro Project (Microsoft)
    PJX Visual FoxPro project file (Microsoft)
    PK Packed bitmap font file (TeX DVI)
    PKA Compressed file archive (PKARC)
    PKG Developer Studio application extension (similar to a DLL file) (Microsoft)
    PKG Installer script (NEXT)
    PKR Public Keyring (PGP)
    PKT Packet file (Fidonet)
    PL Interleaf printerleaf (or WorldView) format
    PL Source code file (Perl)
    PL Source code file (Prolog)
    PL Property list font metric file (TeX)
    PL Palette (Harvard Graphics)
    PL1 Room plan (3D Home Architect)
    PL3 Chart palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    PLB Library file (Microsoft FoxPro)
    PLC Add-in file (Lotus 1-2-3)
    PLG A format use by REND386/AVRIL
    PLI Data description file (Oracle 7)
    PLL Pre-linked library file (Clipper 5)
    PLM Module (DisorderTracker2)
    PLN Spreadsheet (WordPerfect for Windows)
    PLR Pilot file (Descent 1-3)
    PLS Sample file (DisorderTracker2)
    PLS MPEG PLayList file (used by WinAmp)
    PLS MYOB Plus file
    PLT Drawing (HPGL Plotter)
    PLT Plot drawing (AutoCAD)
    PLT Palette (Generic)
    PLT Pre-linked transfer file (Clipper 5)
    PLT Sign-making software (Gerber Optical)
    PLY Data file (PopMail)
    PLY Presentation screen (Harvard Spotlight)
    PM Bitmap graphics (Presentation Manager)
    PM Module (Perl)
    PM3 Document (PageMaker 3.0)
    PM4 Document (PageMaker 4.0)
    PM5 Document (PageMaker 5.0)
    PM6 Document (PageMaker 6.0)
    PMC Graphics (A4TECH Scanner)
    PMD Adobe PageMaker 7.x file
    PMM Program file (Amaris BTX/2)
    PN3 Printer device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    PNG Bitmap (Portable Network Graphics)
    PNG Browser catalogue (Paint Shop Pro)
    PNG Bitmap file (MacroMedia FireWorks)
    PNM Portable aNY Map graphics (PBM)
    PNT Graphic file (MacPaint)
    PNT QWK reader pointer file (MarkMail 2.x)
    PNT Pen Table plotting file (Pro/Engineer)
    PNTG Same as PNT file
    POG PIG file extension (Descent2)
    POH Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)
    POL Windows NT Policy file
    POL 3D polygonal modeling file (Innovmetric)
    POP Popup file (Visual dBase)
    POP Message index (PopMail)
    POT PowerPoint template (Microsoft)
    POV Persistence of Vision file (Ray-Tracer)
    POW Chord chart (PowerChords)
    PP Compressed Amiga archive (POWERPACKER)
    PP4 Bitmap (Picture Publisher 4)
    PPA PowerPoint Add-in (Microsoft)
    PPB Button bar for print preview (WordPerfect for Windows)
    PPD PostScript Printer definition file specification (Adobe Acrobat v.4.0)
    PPF Pinnacle Program File (Turtle Beach)
    PPI Graphics file (Microsoft PowerPoint)
    PPL PolaroidPalettePlus ColorKey device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    PPM Portable Pixelmap bitmap
    PPO Pre-processed output file (Clipper 5)
    PPP Document or finished project (Parson Power Publisher)
    PPP Desktop publishing default output file (Serif PagePlus)
    PPS PowerPoint slide show (Microsoft)
    PPS Storyboard (Personal Producer)
    PPT PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft)
    PQB Master boot backup file (PowerQuest BootMagic)
    PQI Drive image file (PowerQuest)
    PR2 Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 2.x)
    PR2 Printer driver (dBase IV)
    PR3 Postscript printer driver (dBase IV)
    PR3 Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 3.x)
    PRC Resource (text or program) file (3com PalmPilot)
    PRD Printer driver (Generic)
    PRE Presentation (Lotus Freelance)
    PRE Settings (Programmer's WorkBench)
    PRE Settings (Microsoft C/C++)
    PRF System file (Microsoft Windows)
    PRF Settings file (Macromedia Director)
    PRF Pixel Run Format graphics (Improces-Fastgraph)
    PRF Printer driver (dBase IV)
    PRF Output file (Profiler)
    PRG Program source files (dBase IV, Clipper 5, and Microsoft FoxPro)
    PRG Program source files (Atari)
    PRG Program file (WAVmaker)
    PRI Printer definitions (LocoScript)
    PRJ Project file (3D Studio) (DOS)
    PRM MYOB Premier file
    PRM Parameter file (Generic)
    PRN Print Table (space delimited text)
    PRND PageMaker 7.0 file
    PRN Windows Printer file (DataCAD)
    PRN Printer driver (Signature)
    PRN Text file (Lotus 1-2-3-Symphony)
    PRO Source code file (Prolog)
    PRO Configuration file (Pro/Engineer)
    PRO Graphics profile file (DOS)
    PRO Project file (Terramodel)
    PRP Data conversion saved project file (Oberon Prospero)
    PRS Presentation file (Harvard Graphics for Windows)
    PRS Printer resource font file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    PRS Procedure file (dBase IV)
    PRT A print-formatted file
    PRT Printer driver (Dr. Halo)
    PRT Part file (Pro/Engineer)
    PRT Part file (CADkey)
    PRT Unigraphics CAD file
    PRV Internet provider template file (psiMail)
    PRX Compiled program (Microsoft FoxPro)
    PRZ Graphics file (Lotus Freelance 97)
    PS Postscript-formatted file (a Postscript printer-ready file)
    PSB Sound Bank file (Pinnacle)
    PSD Bitmap (Adobe Photoshop)
    PSE Bitmap graphics (IBM printer Page SEgment)
    PSF Outline PostScript printer font (ChiWriter)
    PSI A-law audio file (psion)
    PSM Studio module (ProTracker)
    PSM Sound data file (Epic Pinball)
    PSM Symbol table of IDE (Turbo Pascal)
    PSP Image file (PaintShop Pro)
    PSP Procedure (Prodea Synergy)
    PSR Report file (PowerSoft)
    PST Personal Folder File (Microsoft Outlook)
    PT3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    PT3 Template (PageMaker 3.0)
    PT4 Template (PageMaker 4.0)
    PTB Peachtree backup file
    PTB Script file (PubTech BatchWorks)
    PTB Table file (Pro/Engineer)
    PTD LiveNote Portable Transcript document
    PTD Table file (Pro/ENGINEER)
    PTF LiveNote Portable Transcript file
    PTF ProTracker Tennis Match file
    PTL Petal file (ASCII version of Microsoft Visual Modeler)
    PTM Macro (PubTech BatchWorks)
    PTM Music module (MOD) (Polytracker)
    PTN PaperPort (ScanSoft) thumbnail image index file
    PTR QWK reader pointer file (QMail)
    PTX RealLegal Portable E-Transcript viewer file
    PUB Publication (Ventura Publisher)
    PUB Document (Microsoft Publisher)
    PUB Public key ring file (PGP)
    PUD Map file (WarCraftII)
    PUT Compressed archive (PUT)
    PVD Script file (Instalit)
    PVL Library file (Instalit)

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    PVT Local pointlist (Fidonet)
    PW Text file (Professional Write)
    PWD Word document (Microsoft Pocket)
    PWL Password list file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
    PWP Image file (a roll of film viewed using Photoworks)
    PWP Text document (Professional WritePlus)
    PWZ PowerPoint wizard (Microsoft)
    PX Primary database index (Paradox)
    PXW Pixtran file
    PXL Pocket Excel spreadsheet (Microsoft)
    PY Saved emessages (YAHOO)
    PY python Script file
    PYC python Compiled script file
    PZD Default settings (Pizazz Plus)
    PZO Overlay file (Pizazz Plus)
    PZP Palette (Pizazz Plus)
    PZS Settings (Pizazz Plus)
    PZT Transfer file (Pizazz Plus)
    PZX Swap file (Pizazz Plus)
    P3 Project Planner file (Primavera)
    P10 Plot 10 drawing (Tektronics)
    P16 16 Channel Music file (ProTracker 16)
    P22 Patch file (Patch 22)
    P65 Document file (PageMaker 6.0)
    P7C Digital ID file (MIME)

    QAD Document (PF QuickArt)
    QAG Quick Access Group data file (Norton Desktop)
    QAP Application file (Omnis Quartz)
    QBE Saved query (dBase IV)
    QBE Saved Query (Quattro Pro)
    QBO Compiled query (dBase IV)
    QBS Program file (Microsoft QuickBasic)
    QBW Spreadsheet data (QuickBooks for Windows)
    QCP Voice file (Qualcomm Pure Voice)
    QD0 Data file-segment 10 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD1 Data file segment 1 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD2 Data file segment 2 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD3 Data file segment 3 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD3D QuickDraw 3D Metafile (Apple)
    QD4 Data file segment 4 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD5 Data file segment 5 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD6 Data file segment 6 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD7 Data file segmnet 7 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD8 Data file segment 8 (Omnis Quartz)
    QD9 Data file segment 9 (Omnis Quartz)
    QDF Data file (Quicken)
    QDK Backup of startup files (QEMM)
    QDT Data file from the Quicken UK Accountancy/Tax/Invoice program (QuickBooks)
    QDV Graphics file (Steve Blackstock Giffer)
    QEF Query file (Microsoft Excel)
    QEL Electronic library file (Quicken)
    QFL Document (FAMILY LAWYER)
    QFX Fax (QuickLink)
    QIC Backup file (Microsoft)
    QIF Image (MIME)(QuickTime)
    QIF Import file (Quicken)
    QLB Library file (Quick)
    QLB Library file (Microsoft C/C++)
    QLC Data (PostScript help file)
    QLP Printer driver (QuickLink)
    QM Motion file (Quality)
    QM4 Option or services file (QMail 4.x Mail Door)
    QPR Generated query program (Microsoft FoxPro)
    QPR Print queue device driver (OS/2)
    QPX Compiled query program (Microsoft FoxPro)
    QQT Qardware definition file (Quick Qard Technology)
    QRP Report builder file (Centura)
    QRP Report file (Liberty for Windows 2.0)
    QRS Equation Editor support file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    QRT QRT graphics file (Ray Tracer)
    QRY Query (Microsoft)
    QRY Query (dBase IV)
    QSD Datafile (Quicken)
    QST Tab file (Quake Spy)
    QT Movie file (QuickTime)
    QTI Image file (QuickTime)
    QTIF Image file (QuickTime)
    QTM Movie file (QuickTime)
    QTP Preferences file (QuickTime)
    QTS PICT image file (Macintosh)
    QTS Image file (QuickTime)
    QTX Image file (QuickTime)
    QW Write program file (Symantec Q&A)
    QWK Message file (QWK Reader)
    QXD Data file (QuarkXpress)
    QXL Element library (QuarkXpress)
    QXP Project file (replaces QXD file as of QuarkXPress 6)
    QXT Template file (QuarkXpress)

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    R Ratfor file (FORTRAN Preprocessor)
    R Resource file (Pegasus Mail)
    RA RealMedia streaming audio file
    RAD Radar data file (Radar ViewPoint)
    RAM RealMedia metafile
    RAO ReadAllOver (YOUniverse)
    RAR RAR compressed archive (Eugene Roshall's format)
    RAS Bitmap (Sun Raster Images)
    RAT Datafile (RATS)
    RAV Rave file (used by programmers?)
    RAV Norton Antivirus file?
    RAW Raw File Format (bitmap)
    RAW Raw signed PCM data
    RAW Raw signed PCM data
    RBF Datafile (Rbase)
    RBH Maintained by RoboHELP, the RBH file adds to the information contained in the Help project file
    RC Resource script (Micosoft C/C++)
    RC Resource script (Borland C++)
    RC Configuration file (emacs)
    RCG Newsgroup file (Netscape)
    RD1 Registered level file (Descent1)
    RDF Resource Description Framework file (related to XML and metadata)
    RDF Compiled UIC source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)
    RDF Research document information format
    RDI Device-independent bitmap file
    RDL Registered Level file (Descent)
    RDX Datafile (Reflex)
    RDZ RemoteDocs compressed and encrypted file
    REC Datafile (EpiInfo)
    REC Recorded macro (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
    REC Voice file (RapidComm)
    REC Record file (Sprint)
    RED Path information file (Clarion Modula-2)
    REF Reference file (Generic)
    REG Registration file
    REG Registration file (Corel)
    REG OLE registration file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
    REM Remarks file (Generic)
    REP Reply file (QWK Reader)
    REP Report file (Visual dBase)
    REP Report file (Report Designer)
    REP Report file (DataBoss)
    REP Report file (CodeReporter)
    REQ Request file (Generic)
    RES Resource file (Microsoft Visual C++)
    RES Compiled resource file (Borland C++)
    RES Resource file (dBase IV)
    REV Revision file (GeoWorks)
    REX Source code file (REXX)
    REX Report definition (Oracle)
    REZ Resource file (Generic)
    RF Raster graphics file (Sun)
    RFT Revisable Form Text (part of IBM's DCA or Document Content Architecture)
    RGB, SGI RGB files (Silicon Graphics)
    RGX Symbol tables (ReaGeniX code generator)
    RH Resource header file (Borland C++ 4.5)
    RI Data file (Lotus 1-2-3)
    RIB Graphics in Renderman format (3DReality)
    RIC Fax document (Ricoh)
    RIF RIFF bitmap graphics (Fractal Design Painter)
    RIF Image file (Metacreations Painter 5)
    RIP Graphics (remote access)
    RIX Bitmap graphics (ColorRIX VGA Paint)
    RL1 Regestered level file (Descent1)
    RL2 Registered level file (Descent2)
    RL4 Bitmap graphics file
    RL8 Bitmap graphics file
    RLA Wavefront raster image (SDSC Image Tool)
    RLB Data file (Harvard Graphics Win 9.x)
    RLC Graphics file (1 bit per pixel scanner output file)
    RLE Run-Length Encoded bitmap (SDSC Image Tool)
    RLZ Realizer source code file (CA-Realizer)
    RM Video file (RealAudio)
    RMD Document (Microsoft RegMaid)
    RMF Rich Map Format (used by 3-D game editors to store a map)
    RMF Rich music format (Beatnik)
    RMI MIDI music
    RMK Makefile (Clipper RMake)
    RN Xpl Program file (Nota Bene)
    RND Rendering slide (AutoCAD-AutoShade)
    RNO Runoff file (VAX)
    ROL FM music Adlib Music file (Roland)
    ROM Cartridge-based home video game emulator file (exact copy of ROM contents in cartridges from Atari 2600, Colecovision, Sega, Nintendo, etc.; not interchangeable between emulators)
    ROV Data file (Rescue Rover)
    RPD Database (RapidFire)
    RPL Text document (Replica)
    RPL Video file (Tomb Raider)
    RPM Package Manager (RedHat Linux)
    RPT Crystal Reports file ( and a sub-set of Microsoft Visual Basic)
    RRS Saved game file (Ace Road Rash)
    RS Datafile (Amiga Resource Reassembler)
    RSB Red Storm bitmap (Rainbow 6 (Game) and several image editing programs)
    RSC Resource file (Generic)
    RSL Paradox 7 reports (Broderland)
    RSM Resume file (WinWay Resume Writer)
    RSP Response file (Generic)
    RS_ Resource fork file (Macintosh Mac-ette)
    RTC Rich Text Compressed file
    RTF Rich Text Format document
    RTF Help file script (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
    RTL Run Time library (NU 7.0)
    RTM Music module (MOD) (Real Tracker)
    RTK Used by RoboHELP to simulate the search feature of Windows help
    RTL Text file (Generic)
    RTP Software update package data file (RTpatch)
    RTS RTSL document (RealAudio)
    RTS Runtime library file (CA-Realizer)
    RTS RoboHELP to speed complex operations
    RUL Extension used in InstallShield
    RUN Compiled output p-code file (Softworks basic compiler) (SoftworksLtd)
    RVP Scan Configuration file (MIME) (Microsoft)
    RVW Review file (Generic)
    RWS Resource Workshop data file (Borland C++)
    RWX Script file (RenderWare)
    RXX RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive (xx = a number from 01 to 99)
    R8 Raw graphics (One byte per pixel) plane one (PicLab)
    R8P Pcl 4 bitmap font (Intellifont)

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    S Assembler source code (Unix)
    S Source code file (Scheme)
    SAI Encrypted video file (Integrated Sensors)
    SAL Datafile (SORITEC)
    SAM Document (AMI Professional)
    SAM Signed 8bit sample data file
    SAR Compressed archive (SAR)
    SAS SAS program file
    SAS7BCAT SAS system catalog
    SAS7BDAT SAS system data set
    SAS7BNDX SAS system index
    SAV Saved game file (Generic)
    SAV Backup file (Generic)
    SAV Configuration file (Generic)
    SB Raw Signed Byte (8bit) audio data
    SBD Storyboard data file (Storyboard Editor)
    SBD Data definition file (Superbase)
    SBF File data (Superbase)
    SBI Instrument file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster)
    SBK Bank file (Soundblaster)/EMU SoundFont v1.x (Creative Labs Soundfont 1.0)
    SBL Flash object (ShockWave)
    SBP Dml program file (Superbase 4)
    SBP Program file (Superbase)
    SBQ Query definition file (Superbase)
    SBR Support file (Source Browser)
    SBT Notes related to record data (Superbase 4 for Windows)
    SBV Form definition file (Superbase)
    SB! Locking file (Superbase)
    SC Pal script (Paradox)
    SC Display driver (Framework II)
    SC2 Schedule+ 7.0 file (Microsoft)
    SC2 SAS 6.12 catalog (Windows 95/NT, OS/2, Mac)
    SC3 Saved game file (SIMM City 3000)
    SC3 Renamed dBase III screen mask file (dBase IV)
    SC3 Screen device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    SC4 Level file (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
    SC7 SAS 8.2 catalog
    SCA Datafile (SCA)
    SCC Source Safe file (Microsoft)
    SCC Text file (Generic)
    SCD Slide image (Matrix/Imapro SCODL)
    SCD Object description language graphics (Scodl Scan Conversion)
    SCD Datafile (Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0)
    SCF Command file (Microsoft Windows Explorer)
    SCF Multimedia show (ScoreMaker)
    SCF Spell checker configuration file (Symphony)
    SCH Datafile (Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0)
    SCH Schematics file (ORCAD)
    SCI Inspire native format (ScanVec)
    SCI System configuration information file (Generic)
    SCI Fax document (SciFAX)
    SCM Scheme source code file (Generic)
    SCM Video game console ROM emulater file
    SCN Scene data file (TrueSpace2)
    SCN Screen file (Kermit)
    SCN Videowave Scene file
    SCO High score file (Generic game file)
    SCP Dial-Up Networking Script
    SCP Script file (BITCOM)
    SCR Screensaver file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
    SCR Fax image (Generic)
    SCR Debug source code (DOS Debug)
    SCR Screen snapshot file (dBase IV)
    SCR Screen snapshot file (Procomm Plus)
    SCR Screen font file (LocoScript)
    SCT SAS catalog (Dos)
    SCT CT bitmap (Scitex)
    SCT FoxPro forms (Microsoft)
    SCT01 SAS catalog (Unix)
    SCV CASmate Native format (ScanVec)
    SCX FoxPro forms (Microsoft)
    SCX Bitmap graphics (ColorRIX)
    SCX Chart (Stanford Chart)
    SCX Screen file (Microsoft FoxPro)
    SCY Security file (ReaGeniX)
    SD Audio (Sound Designer I)
    SD2 Flattened file/data fork (Sound Designer II)
    SD2 SAS 6.12 data set (Windows 95/NT OS/2, Mac)
    SD7 SAS 8.2 data set
    SDA File archive description (Fidonet Software Distribution Network)
    SDC Spreadsheet (Staroffice)(StarCalc)
    SDD Presentation file (Staroffice)(Starimpress)
    SDF System Data File Format - legacy Unisys (Sperry) format
    SDI Software distribution network information file
    SDK Floppy disk image (Roland)
    SDL Library file (SmartDraw)
    SDN Software distribution network compressed archive
    SDP Datafile (Cocreate SolidDesigner)
    SDPC Datafile (Cocreate SolidDesigner)
    SDR Drawing (SmartDraw)
    SDS Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard file
    SDT Template (SmartDraw)
    SDV Semicolon Divided Values file
    SDW Graphic file (Lotus WordPro)
    SDW Raw Signed DWord (32bit) data
    SDX Midi Sample Dump Standard files compacted by SDX
    SEA Self-expanding archive (used by Stuffit for Mac files and possibly by others)
    SEC Secret key ring file (PGP)
    SEC Secured animation file (Disney Animation Studio)
    SED Screen editor script files (SED)
    SEL Data file (Copy Books)
    SEP Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap
    SEP Printer seperator page (Generic)
    SEQ Animation file (Atari)
    SEQ Sequential instruction file (Bubble Chamber)
    SES Session file (Cool Edit) (common digital audio editor file )
    SES Session information file (Clarion Modula-2)
    SESSION Internet Security Scanner file (ISS)
    SET Configuration file (1st Reader)
    SET Install driver sets (Symphony)
    SET Setup option file (Generic)
    SET Voice set files (Quartet)
    SEW Sewing program file (Generic)
    SF SoundFile format (IrCam)
    SF Wps attribute storage file (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell)
    SF2 SoundFont file (EMU version 2.0)
    SF2 Bank file (Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0)(Soundblaster)
    SFD Sound File Data (SoundStage)
    SFI Sound File Info (SoundStage)
    SFI Graphics file (SIS Framegrabber)
    SFI Printer font file (Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet Landscape)
    SFI Printer font file (Ventura Publisher)
    SFK Sound file (Sonic Foundry)
    SFL Pcl 4 bitmap font (LandScape)
    SFL Pcl 4 bitmap font (Ventura Publisher)
    SFL Pcl 4 bitmap font (Intellifont)
    SFN Font file (SPX)
    SFP Pcl bitmap font (Portrait)
    SFP Pcl bitmap font (Intellifont)
    SFP Pcl bitmap font (Ventura Publisher)
    SFR Sample Resource (Sonic Foundry)
    SFS Pcl 5 scalable font file (Intellifont)
    SFT Screen font (ChiWriter)
    SFW Mangled JPEG (Seattle Filmworks)
    SFX Self-extracting archive (RAR)
    SG Image file (SnapGraphix)
    SG1 Graphics file (Stanford Graphics)
    SGF Document w/graphics (StarWriter)
    SGF Graphics file (Sonique)
    SGI Graphics file (IRIS)
    SGI Graphics file (Silicon Graphics)
    SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
    SGP Statistics file (STATGRAPHICS Plus)
    SGT Save/Get keyboard macro (Signature)
    SH Shell script (Unix)
    SH ASCii archive (Unix/SHAR)
    SH3 Presentaion file (Harvard Graphics)
    SHB Presentation (Corel Show)
    SHB Document shortcut file
    SHG Bitmap (HotSpot)
    SHK Compressed Apple archive (SHRINKIT)
    SHK Compressed archive (Arthurian Shrink Archiver)
    SHM Shell macro (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
    SHN Audio compression file (Shorten)
    SHP DOS shapes file (3D Studios)
    SHP File format used by some programs for 3D modeling of multipart interactive triangle models
    SHP Shapefile spatial data format (used by many GIS programs)
    SHP Source code and shape file for text fonts (AutoCAD)
    SHR File archive (Unix ASCii) (SHAR)
    SHS Shell scrap file; reportedly used to send "password stealers"
    SHT Pocket Spreadsheets file
    SHTML HTML file containing Server Side Includes (SSI)
    SHW Presentation (Corel Show)
    SHW Presentation (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
    SHW Slide Show (WordPerfect for Windows)
    SHX Shape entities (AutoCAD)
    SHX Shapefile spatial index file (ArcView)
    SIF Setup installation files (Microsoft Windows NT)
    SIG Signature file (PopMail)
    SIG Current program settings (Signature)
    SIK Backup files (Microsoft Word for Windows)
    SIK Backup files (Sicherungskopie)
    SIT Compressed archive of Mac files (Stuffit)
    SIZ Configuration file (Oracle 7)
    SIZED Gallery resized photo image
    SKA Secret Keyring file (PGP)
    SKF Drawing file (AutoSketch)
    SKL Resource file (Macromedia Director)
    SL Save Layout extension (PACT)
    SL Source code file (S-Lang)
    SLB Slide Library File (AutoCAD)
    SLC Compiled SALT script (Telix)
    SLD Slide File (AutoCAD)
    SLI Slide file (MAGICorp Slide Service)
    SLK Symbolic link spreadsheet (SLYK)
    SLL Sound data file (Generic)
    SLT Script application language (SALT) (Telix script source)
    SM Source code file (Smalltalk)
    SM Maillist (SoftSpoken Mailer)
    SM Script file (ScriptMaker)
    SM Text file (Samna Word)
    SM3 Symbol file (DataCAD)
    SMD Video game console ROM emulator file
    SMF Fax document (SMARTFAX)
    SMK Image file (Deer's Revenge)
    SMK Image file (Smack Player)
    SMK Image file (Nascar Racing '99)
    SMM Macro (AMI Pro)
    SMP Samplevision format
    SMP Sample file (AdLib Gold)
    SMS Emulator ROM image file (8-bit Sega Master System)
    SMT Text file (Smart Ware II)
    SMT SmartObject file (IconAuthor)
    SNA Drive Snapshot compressed Disk Image file
    SND Sound file (NeXt)
    SND Sound resource (Macintosh)
    SND Raw unsigned PCM data
    SND Sample (AKAI MPC)
    SNDR Sound file (Sounder)
    SNDT Sound file (SndTool)
    SNG Midi song file (Midisoft Studio)
    SNG Midi song file (Prism)
    SNM Mailbox (mail folder) index (Netscape)
    SNO Source code file (Snobol4)
    SNP Microsoft Access database snapshot file
    SNP Output video file (Computer Eyes)
    SO Shared library file (Unix)(equivalent to a Windows DLL)
    SOL Solution file (Common used with game examples,tutorials)
    SOM Network serial numbers (Quattro Pro)
    SOM Sort information files (Paradox)
    SON Song file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio II)
    SOU Sound file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio)
    SP Compressed archive for Unix (Sprint)

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    SP2 Quake2 pcx 8-bit sprite builder file
    SP3 Quake2 pcx 32-bit sprite builder file (for use with CyberPunkQE)
    SP4 Saved game (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
    SPA FutureSplash Flash file (Macromedia)
    SPC Program file (Microsoft MultiPlan)
    SPC Temporary file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    SPD Data file (Speech)
    SPD Scalable font (Speedo)
    SPD Scalable font (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    SPF Slide presentation file (EnerGraphics)
    SPG Glossary file (Sprint)
    SPI Graphics file (Siemens Scanner)
    SPI Graphics file (Phillips Scanner)
    SPL Object file (ShockWave Flash)
    SPL Sample file (DigiTracker)
    SPL Compressed archive (SPLINT)
    SPL Customized printer driver (Sprint)
    SPL Personal spell dictionary (Signature)
    SPL Printer spool file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
    SPL Sample file (Generic)
    SPM Data file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    SPP Printer file (Sprint)
    SPPACK Sound sample (SP Pack)
    SPR Document letter (Sprint)
    SPR Generated screen program (Microsoft FoxPro)
    SPR Sprite (Image layering and resizing)
    SPRITE Bitmap file (Acorn)
    SPS Spssx source code file (VAX/VMS)
    SPS Screen driver (Sprint)
    SPT Source code file (Spitbol)
    SPT Support file (MITAC disk/system management utility package)
    SPU Picture file (Spectrum 512)
    SPW Worksheet (SigmaPlot)
    SPX Compiled screen program (Microsoft FoxPro)
    SQC Structured Query Language (SQL) common code file
    SQL SQL queries (Informix)
    SQL Generally used by database products as an extension for SQL queries (scripts, text, or binary)
    SQP Query result of audio search (Sonique)
    SQR Structured Query Language (SQL) program file
    SQZ Compressed archive (SQUEEZE)
    SRE Undefined file (Motorola)
    SRF Raster graphics file (Sun)
    SRM Video game console ROM emulator file
    SRP SCript file (QuickLink)
    SRZ Source file (DataFlex)
    SS Bitmap graphics (Splash)
    SSA Video file (Sub Station Alpha)
    SSD Datafile (SAS/PC)
    SSD01 SAS data sets (Unix)
    SSD SAS database (Dos)
    SSF Spreadsheet file (Enable)
    SSP Datafile (SAS Transport)
    ST Source code file (Little SmallTalk)
    ST Instrument library (Scream Tracker)
    ST Disk Image file (Atari)
    ST Stamp file (NeoPaint)
    STA Saved state (Reflection 4.0)
    STA Stack file (SpinMaker Plus)
    STB Stub library (Genus GX Kernel)
    STD State transition diagram graphic file (Prosa)
    STD Standard script file (LocoScript)
    STF Compressed archive (SHRINKTOFIT)
    STL Stereolithography file
    STM Shorter suffix for .shtml, an HTML file containing a server side include (SSI)
    STM Music module (MOD) (Scream Tracker 2)
    STM State transition diagram model file (Prosa)
    STM Music file (Scream Tracker)
    STO Pascal stub OBJ file (Genus GX Kernel)
    STP Catia file
    STQ Text file (Statistica) (StatSoft Software)
    STR Screensaver file
    STR Structure list OBJ file (dBase IV Application Generator)
    STS Project status information file (Microsoft C/C++)
    STS Song file (Music) (Scream Tracker)
    STT Taci Pixia palette file
    STY Style sheet (Ventura Publisher)
    STW Data file (SmartTerm for Windows)
    STX Electronic book file (SmarText)
    STX Tax form (CA-Simply Tax)
    STY Style sheet (Generic text and graphics programs0
    SUI Suit library (Simple User Interface Toolkit)
    SUM Summary file (Generic)
    SUN Rasterfile graphics (Sun)
    SUP Supplementary dictionary files (WordPerfect for Windows)
    SVD Autosave file for document (WordPerfect for Windows)
    SVF Simple Vector Format 2D image (Microstation)
    SVG Autosave file for glossary (WordPerfect for Windows)
    SVG Scalable vector graphics file (Adobe)
    SVP Graphics file (Sonique)
    SVS Autosave file for style sheet (WordPerfect for Windows)
    SVX Sound file (Amiga 8SVX)
    SVX Interchange file format, 8SVX/16SV
    SVY Database file (SAVVY/PC)
    SW Raw signed Word (16bit) data
    SWA Shockwave audio file in Macromedia Director (an MP3 file)
    SWF Object (ShockWave Flash)
    SWG Swag Packet file (SWAG Reader)
    SWP Swap file (DataCAD)
    SWP Document backup file (Sprint)
    SWP Swap file (DOS)
    SXC OpenOfficeCalc file
    SY1 Smartpix symbol library (Ami Pro)
    SY3 Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
    SYD Backup of startup files (QEMM)
    SYLK Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
    SYM Precompiled header file (Borland C++)
    SYM Program symbol table (Generic to compilers)
    SYM Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
    SYN SDSC Synu image file (SDSC Image Tool)
    SYN Synonym file (Microsoft Word 5.0)
    SYS System file (Generic)
    SYS Datafile (SYGRAPH)
    SYS Datafile (SYSTAT)
    SYS Datafile (SPSS/PC)
    SYS System file Device driver or hardware configuration file
    SYW Wave file (Yamaha SV-series)
    SYW Graphics symbols (Harvard Graphics)
    S3I Instrument file (Scream Tracker v 3.0)
    S3M 16 channel music file (Scream Tracker v 3.0)
    S$$ Temporary sort file (Sprint)
    T Source file (TADS)
    T Tape archive (TAR) (Without compression)
    T Tester symbol file (ReaGeniX code generator)
    TAB Table file (MapInfo GIS)
    TAB Guitar Tablature file
    TAG Query tag name file (DataFlex)
    TAH Turbo assembler help file (Borland C++)
    TAL Text illustration file (TypeAlign)
    TAR Tape Archive
    TAR Compressed archive (TAR)
    TAZ Gzip/Tape archive (Unix)
    TAZ Compressed ASCII archive (TAR)
    TAZ Compressed ASCII archive (COMPRESS)
    TB1 Font file (Borland Turbo C)
    TB2 Font file (Borland Turbo C)
    TBF Fax document (Imavox TurboFax)
    TBK Interactive multimedia files (Asymetrix Toolbook)
    TBK Memo backup file (dBase IV)
    TBK Memo backup file (Microsoft FoxPro)
    TBK Toolbook file (Asymetrix Toolbook)
    TBL Graphics (Native format) (Pagemaker TableEditor)
    TBL Table of values (OS/2)
    TBS Text elements (Microsoft Word for Windows)
    TBX Table (Project Scheduler 4)
    TC Configuration file (Turbo C)
    TC Configuration file (Borland C++)
    TCH Turbo C Help file (Borland C++)
    TCL Script in the TCL/TK Language
    TCW Drawing file (TurboCAD for Windows)
    TD Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for DOS)
    TD0 Disk image file (Teledisk)
    TD2 Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for WIN32)
    TD4 Saved track design (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
    TDB Database file (Thumbs Plus)
    TDB Database file (TACT)
    TDDD A file format use by the Imagine & Turbo Silver ray-tracers
    TDF Font file (TheDraw)
    TDF Typeface definition file (Speedo)
    TDH Help file (Turbo Debugger0
    TDK Keystroke recording file (Turbo Debugger)
    TDS Symbol table (Turbo Debugger)
    TDW Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for Windows)

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    TEF Fax document (Relisys TEFAX)
    TEL Hostfile (Telnet)
    TEM Turbo Editor Macro Language script (Borland C++)
    TEM Input template (IconAuthor)
    TEX Texture file
    TEX TEX text file (Scientific Word)
    TEX Datasheet file (Idealist)
    TF Configuration file (Turbo Profiler)
    TFA Area file (Turbo Profiler)
    TFC Catalogue file (Tobi's Floppy Disk Cataloguer)
    TFH Help file (Turbo Profiler)
    TFM Form file (Form Tool Gold)
    TFM TeX font metrics file (TeX)
    TFM Tagged font metric file (TeX)
    TFS Statistics file (Turbo Profiler)
    TFW ArcView World file for TIF image (GIS application)
    TG1 Project file (On Target)
    TGA Targa bitmap (Adobe Acrobat,TrueVision)
    TGA Targa bitmap (Countour Mortgage Loan Format)
    TGA Winpoint Loan file (Microsoft Excel)
    TGQ Movie file (Dungeon Keeper 2) (Bullfrog Software)
    TGV Video file (Electronic Arts) (Need for Speed I/II/III, NBA '96)
    TGZ Gzip/Tape archive (Unix)
    THAI Husquvania sewing machine file
    THEME Desktop theme (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
    THM Thumbnail image file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v.1.x)
    THN Thumbnail (Graphics Workshop for Windows)
    THS Thesaurus dictionary (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TIF Tag image bitmap file (TIFF)
    TIFF Tag image bitmap file (TIFF)
    TIG Map file (Tiger) (Used by the US Government to distribute Map files)
    TIL Fuzzy Logic knowledge base file (Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler)
    TIM Texture/Image file (Playstation)
    TIS Tile set (MahJongg 3.0)
    TJF backup files (VAXTPU Editor)
    TLB OLE type library files (Microsoft)
    TLB Reference table (Bubble Editor)
    TLB Text library (VAX)
    TLB Type library (Visual C++)
    TLC Compiled tool command language source code file (Swat)
    TLE Two-Line element set (NASA)
    TLP Project timeline file (Microsoft Project)
    TLX Data file (Trellix)
    TMD TextMaker document from SoftMaker
    TMF Tagged font metric file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TMO Ztg global optimizer default optimizer file (Zortech C++)
    TMP Temporary file (Microsoft Windows) (ALL)
    TMS Script file (Telemate)
    TNV Data file (BitWare)
    TOC Table of contents file (Eudora Mailbox)
    TOL Image file (Kodak Photo Enhancer)
    TORRENT BitTorrent file
    TOS The Operation System for Atari line of 16/32 and 32/32 computers
    TOS Self-Extracting archive (Atari ST)
    TP Configuration file (Turbo Pascal)
    TP Sesson-state file (Turbo Profiler)
    TP4 Saved picture file (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
    TPB Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup (HiJaak)
    TPF Downloadable PCL Soft font file (HiJaak)
    TPH Help file (Turbo Pascal)
    TPL Residents units library (Turbo Pascal)
    TPL Template file ( Cakewalk Audio)
    TPL Template file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
    TPL Template file (DataCAD)
    TPL Encrypted lesson file (TutorPro)
    TPP Project file (Teleport Pro)
    TPP Protected mode units (Borland Pascal 7.0)
    TPU Turbo Pascal Unit (Turbo Pascal)(BGI)
    TPU Command file (VAXTPU Editor)
    TPV Packed graphics file (TutorPro)
    TPW Session-state file (Turbo Profiler for Microsoft Windows)
    TPW Packed wave files (TutorPro)
    TPW Turbo Pascal Unit (BGI) (Turbo Pascal for Windows 9.x)
    TPX Image file (ULead Photo Express)
    TPZ Compressed archive (TAR)
    TPZ Compressed archive (GNUzip)
    TP3 Template file (Harvard Graphics)
    TR Session-state settings (Turbo Charge Debugger for DOS)
    TR2 Session-state settings (Turbo Charge Debugger for Win32)
    TRA Saved game file (Coaster)
    TRC Debug support file (Power CTrace)
    TRE Directory tree file (PC-Tools)
    TRK Script file (Kermit)
    TRM Terminal file (Generic)
    TRM Terminal settings file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
    TRN Translation support file (Quattro Pro)
    TRN Project usage log (MKS Source Integrity)
    TRS Executable file (MicroGraphix)
    TRW Session-state settings (Turbo Debugger for Windows)
    TS HDTV sample file (Transport Stream MPEG-2 video stream)
    TSH Broderbund Creatacard Transfer Project
    TSK Compaq iPaq picture image
    TST Printer test file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TSV Tab-separated values file
    TTF TrueType font (Generic)
    TTK Translation tool kit file (Corel Catalyst)
    TTO Client access data specification file (AS/400) (Server to Client)
    TUV Tutorial file (Many programs use this suffix for their tutorials) (Generic)
    TV Table view settings (Paradox)
    TV1 Overflow file above insert point in document 1 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TV2 Overflow file above insert point in document 2 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TV3 Overflow file above insert point in document 3 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TV4 Overflow file above insert point in document 4 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TV5 Overflow file above insert point in document 5 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TV6 Overflow file above insert point in document 6 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TV7 Overflow file above insert point in document 7 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TV8 Overflow file above insert point in document 8 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TV9 Overflow file above insert point in document 9 (WordPerfect for Windows)
    TVF Table view settings (dBase IV)
    TWF Data file (TABWorks)
    TWW Template file (TagWrite)
    TX8 MS-DOS text
    TXB Encoded briefing file (Descent/D2)
    TXF Compressed archive (TAR)
    TXF Compressed archive (FREEZE)
    TXF Tax exchange format (Quicken and others)
    TXI Support file (TeX)
    TXT ASCII text-formatted data
    TXW Wave file (Yamaha TX16W)
    TYM Time Stamp files (PageMaker 4.0)
    TZ Old compression file (TAR), (COMPRESS)
    TZB Compressed archive (Tar)
    T2T Modeling software file (Sonata CAD)
    T44 Temporary file for sorting index (dBase IV)
    T64 Emulator tape image file (Commodore 64)

    UAP User agent profile (Used by wireless telephony applications)
    UB Raw unsigned byte (8-bit) data
    UC2 Compressed archive (UltraCompressor II)
    UCN New compressed archive (UltraCompressor II)
    UDF Unique Database (Microsoft Windows NT)
    UDF Image filter (Photostyler)
    UDW Raw unsigned doubleword (32-bit) data
    UE2 Encrypted archive (UltraCompressor II)
    UFO Object file (Ulead)
    UG Drawing file (AutoCAD and others)
    UHS Binary file (Universal Hint System)
    UI Espire source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)
    UI User interface file (Sprint)
    UIF Long prompts for Microsoft Windows (WordPerfect for Windows)
    UIH Espire header file (Geoworks UI Compiler)
    UL Audio file (ULAW)
    ULAW (CCITT G.711) audio (US Telephony)
    ULD Uploaded file information (Procomm Plus)
    ULT Music module (MOD) (UltraTracker)
    UMB Backup file (archive) (MemMaker)
    UNI UniMod music module (MOD) (MikMod)
    UNI Datafile (Forcast Pro)
    UNX Text file (Unix specific information)
    UPD Updated program data (Generic)
    UPD Updated program data (dBase)
    UPI Program file (ULead Photo Impact)
    UPO Compiled updated datafile (dBase)
    UPX Saved Image file (ULead Photo Express)
    URF Universal radar format (Radar ViewPoint)
    URL Internet shortcut file (Universal Resource Locator)
    USE Source Integrity file (MKS)
    USP Printer font w/updated USACII extended character set (Pagemaker)
    USR User database file (Procomm Plus)
    USR Audit trail file (Pro/Engineer)
    USR User database file (Turbo C++)
    USR User database file (Tour)
    UU UU-encoded file
    UU Compressed ASCII archive (UUDE/ENCODE)
    UUE Executable compressed ASCII archive (UUDE/ENCODE)
    UUE UU-encoded file
    UW Raw unsigned 16-bit) datafile (Word)
    UWF Wave file (UltraTracker)

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    V Consistency check support file (ReaGeniX Code Generator)
    V Main image input file (Vivid 2.0)
    VAL Validity checks/referential integrity checks (Paradox for Windows)
    VAL Values list object file (dBase Application Generator)
    VAL Asset management document (Milliplex OmniValue)
    VAN Animation file (VistaPro)
    VAP Annotated speech file (Generic)
    VAR Variable file (IconAuthor)
    VAR ASCII text file for data dictionary (Sterling Software Groundworks, COOL Business Team Enterprise Model)
    VBA VBase file
    VBP Project file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
    VBR Remote automated registration file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
    VBS Script file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
    VBW Workspace file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
    VBX Custom control file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
    VBX Visual basic extension (Microsoft Visual Basic)
    VC Include file with color definitions (Vivid 2.0)
    VC Spreadsheet (VisaCalc)
    VCB Visual COMMBasic or VCBasic macro definition (created with Outsideview)
    VCE Unformatted voice file (used by Cool Edit)
    VCE Unformatted voice file (Natural Microsystems) (NMS)
    VCF Virtual card file (Netscape)
    VCF Virtual card file (Many programs use this extension)
    VCF Configuration file; defines objects for use with Sense8's WorldToolKit (Vevi)
    VCT Class library (Microsoft FoxPro) (MFC)
    VCW Visual workbench information file (Microsoft Visual C++)
    VCX Class library (Microsoft FoxPro)(MFC)
    VDA Targa bitmap
    VDA Graphics image (Generic)
    VDR Drawing file (ComputerEasy Draw)
    VDX Vector graphic file
    VDX Virtual device driver
    VDX XML for Visio drawing file
    VEL 3D drawing file (CAD( (Ashlar)
    VEW View file (Clipper 5)
    VEW View file (Lotus Approach)
    VFL Clip art file (PrintMaster Gold)
    VFM Voting form (Voter)
    VFN Voting form for customers (VFN)
    VGA Video graphics array (Monitor type, also defines if your monitor is compliant with the new (1994) SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) (SVGA)
    VGA Video graphics array (Font type for display on a VGA Monitor)
    VGD Visual display driver ( Generic CADD)
    VGR Graphics file (Ventura Publisher)
    VI Graphics file (Jovian Logic VI)
    VI Virtual Instrument file (National Instruments LABView)
    VIC Graphics file (Vicar)
    VID Shell monitor file (Microsoft DOS v.5)
    VID Screen device driver (Microsoft Word)
    VID Bitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)
    VID Bethesda video files (Terminator, Future Shock)
    VIF Khoros Visualisation image (SDSC Image Tool)
    VIFF Khoros Visualisation image (SDSC Image Tool)
    VIK Graphics Image (Viking)
    VIR File identified as a virus-infected file by Norton AntiVirus and possibly others
    VIS Graphics image file (VIS)
    VIV Streaming video file (VivoActive)
    VIZ dVS/dVISE file (Division)
    VLB Library file (Corel Ventura)
    VLM Drafting program file (Vellum, by Ashler)
    VM Virtual memory file (Geoworks)
    VMC Virtual memory configuration file (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
    VMD On-line video file (Sierra) (Torin's Passage)
    VMF Audio file (FaxWorks)
    VMF Font characteristics file (Ventura Publishing)
    VML Vector markup language (used by Microsoft Office 2000)
    VMS Text file with vms specific information
    VNC Virtual Network Computing file used by Real and Tight VNC
    VO Include file with object definiton (Vivid 2.0)
    VOB Encrypted video and audio files used on current DVD's (Digital Video Disk)
    VOC Audio file (Creative Labs Sound Blaster)
    VOC Audio file (Quartet)
    VOC Audio file (generated by RCA digital voice recorder)
    VOF Object folder (VZ Programmer)
    VOX Dialogic audio file coded using ADPCM
    VOX Formatted voice file (Natural Microsystems) (NMS)
    VOX Audio file (Talking Technology)
    VP Publication (Ventura Publisher)
    VPG Graphics image file (VPGraphics)
    VQA Video files (Westwood Studios)
    VQE VQ Locator file (Yamaha Sound)
    VQF VQ file (Yamaha Sound) (possible emerging standard)
    VQL VQ Locator file (Yamaha Sound)
    VRF Configuration file (Oracle 7)
    VRM Overlay file (Quattro Pro)
    VRML A VRML file
    VRP Project file (VXRexx)
    VRS Video device driver (WordPerfect for Windows)
    VS Include file w/surface definition (Vivid 2.0)
    VSD Drawing file (flow chart or schematic)(Shapeware Visio)
    VSL Download List file (GetRight)
    VSM Simulation model (VisSim)
    VSN A Windows 9x/NT ViruSafe version file; used to keep information about all the files in a directory; when a file is accessed, information is compared with the VSN information to ensure that they match
    VSP Image sprite (SPX)
    VSP Data print file (Schedule Soft)
    VSS Stencil file (Shapeware Visio)
    VSS Smartshapes image file (Shapeware Visio)
    VST Targa bitmap (Generic)
    VST Bitmap graphic file (TrueVison Vista)
    VSW Workspace file (Shapeware Visio)
    VUE Animation file (3D Studio)
    VUE View file (dBase IV)
    VUE View file (Microsoft FoxPro)
    VW Text file (Volkswriter)
    VWP Audio MetaSound plug-in (VoxWare Audio Compression Toolkit version 2.02.61)
    VWP Audio plug-in (Voxware MetaVoice Toolkit)
    VWR File viewer (PC Tools)
    VXD Virtual device driver (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
    V8 8-bit audio file (CoVox)

    W Word chart file (APPLAUSE)
    W30 Printer font (AST TurboLaser)
    W30 Printer font (Ventura Publisher)
    W31 Startup file (Microsoft Windows 3.1)
    W3L W3Launch file
    W44 Temporary file for Sort or Index (dBase)
    WAB Outlook file (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express)
    WAD Large file for Doom game containing video, player level, and other information
    WAL Texture file (Quake 2)
    WAS Script source code file (Procomm Plus Aspect)
    WAV Waveform sound (Microsoft Windows)
    WAX Compiled script file (Procomm Plus Aspect)
    WB1 Notebook (QuattroPro for Windows)
    WB2 Spreadsheet (QuattroPro for Windows)
    WB3 Text file (QuattroPro for Windows)
    WBC Image file (Webshots)
    WBF Batch file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
    WBK Backup file (Microsoft Word for Windows)
    WBL Upload file (Argo Webload II)
    WBR WordBar File (Crick Software)
    WBT Batch file (WinBatch)
    WBT Wordbar template (Crick Software)
    WBZ WebShots image
    WCD Macro token list file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WCM Macro (WordPerfect fdor Windows)
    WCM Data transmission file (Microsoft Works)
    WCP Product information description file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WD1 Word Express file
    WD2 Database file (Info Select) by (Micro Logic)
    WDB Database file (Microsoft Works)
    WDF WebArt data file (database file that can be converted for use in many programs)
    WDG Warftpd remote daemon file
    WDM Microsoft Visual InterDev98 templates Web Project Items file
    WEB Web document (Corel Zara)
    WEB Web source code file
    WFB Bank file (Maui/Rio/Monterey) (Turtle Beack WaveFront)
    WFD Drum set (Maui/Rio/Monterey)(Turtle Beach WaveFront)
    WFD Audio waveform (WaveForm Manager Pro)
    WFL Flowchart file (Winflow)
    WFM Windows form (Virtual dBase)
    WFN Symbol (Corel Draw)
    WFP Program file (Turtle Beach WaveFront)(Maui/Rio/Monterey)
    WFT Data file (NICOLET (Old Format), see NRF)
    WFX Data file (WinFax)
    WG1 Worksheet (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
    WG2 Worksheet (Lotus 1-2-3 for O/S2)
    WGP Data file (Wild Board Games)
    WI Wavelet compressed bitmap (Corel)
    WID Width table (Ventura Publisher)
    WIF Wavelet image file (see WI)
    WIL WinImage file
    WIM Wireless identity module (Used by wireless application protocols)
    WIN Window file (Microsoft FoxPro)
    WIN Window file (dBase)
    WIN Window preference file (Pro/Engineer)
    WIS Script file (Reynolds & Reynolds) (Stores the results of a database query)
    WIZ Wizard file (Microsoft Word)
    WIZ Page wizard (Microsoft Publisher)
    WK1 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 1 and 2)
    WK3 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 3)
    WK4 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 4)
    WKB Document file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WKE Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 Educational version)
    WKQ Spreadsheet (Quattro Pro)
    WKS Spreadsheet (Symphony 1.0)
    WKS Worksheet spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3)
    WKS Document (Microsoft Works)
    WKS Workspace file (Xlisp)
    WLD REND386/AVRIL file
    WLF Upload file (Argo Upload I)
    WLK Graphics file (Virtus Walkthrough)
    WLL Add-In file (Microsoft)
    WMA Audio file in Microsoft Windows Media format (Can be changed to ASF) Siren (Sonic Foundry)
    WMC Backup files for startup (MathCAD for Windows)
    WMC Macro file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WMC Text file (WordMARC)
    WMF Metafile (Microsoft Windows)
    WMV Windows Media Player visual/audio file
    WMZ Windows Media Player skins file
    WN Text file (NeXT WriteNow)
    WNF Outline font description file (CorelDRAW)
    WOA Swap file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
    WOC Organization chart (Microsoft Windows OrgChart)
    WOW Music module (MOD) (Grave Composer)

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    abi b addition ho raha ha,
    bohat achay,
    bohat informative thread ha

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    WP Document file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WPA Word processor document (ACT!)
    WP4 Document (WordPerfect for Windows 4.0)
    WP5 Document (WordPerfect for Windows 5.0)
    WP6 Document (WordPerfect for Windows 6.0)
    WPD Demo file (WordPerfect for Windows) (ALL)
    WPD Document (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WPF Document (Enable)
    WPF Fax document (WorldPort)
    WPF Form file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WPG Microsoft Word for Windows vector graphics (DrawPerfect)
    WPG Graphics file (Microsoft Word for Windows)
    WPK Macro (Microsoft Word for Windows)
    WPM Macro (Microsoft Word for Windows)
    WPS Text document (Microsoft Works)
    WPT Template (Microsoft Word for Windows)
    WPW PerfectWorks document (Novell)
    WQ! Compressed spreadsheet (QuattroPro)
    WQ1 Spreadsheet (QuattroPro/DOS)
    WQ2 Spreadsheet (QuattroPro version 5)
    WR1 Symphony file (Lotus)
    WR1 Spreadsheet (Symphony 1.1-2)
    WRAP MediaForge (XMLAuthor) media content file
    WRD Template (Charisma)
    WRG ReGet document
    WRI Write document (Windows Write)
    WRK Project file (CakeWalk Music Audio)
    WRK Spreadsheet (Symphony 1.0)
    WRL Virtual Reality model
    WRP Compressed Amiga archive (WARP)
    WRP 3D modeling file (Raindrop Geomagic) (Scandata)
    WRS Resource file (Microsoft Word for Windows)
    WRZ Another VRML fileject
    WS Text file (WordStar)
    WS1 Document (WordStar for Windows version 1)
    WS2 Document (WordStar for Windows version 2)
    WS3 Document (WordStar for Windows version 3)
    WS4 Document (WordStar for Windows version 4)
    WS5 Document (WordStar for Windows version 5)
    WS6 Document (WordStar for Windows version 6)
    WS7 Document (WordStar for Windows version 7)
    WSD Document (WordStar for Windows 2000)
    WSP WorkSpace file (Fortran PowerStation)
    WST Document (WordStar for Windows)
    WSZ Skin (WinAmp)
    WTA Used by wireless telephony applications
    WV WavPack lossless compressed audio file
    WVL Wavelet Compressed Bitmap
    WVW Interleaf WorldView format (a PDF format)
    WWB Button bar for document window (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WWK Keyboard layout file (WordPerfect for Windows)
    WWL Add-in file (Microsoft Word)
    WXD Music resource file (Relic Entertainment)(Home World)
    WXP Document file (EXP for Microsoft Windows)

    AVS image (SDSC Image Tool)
    X Source code file (Lex)
    XAR Corel Xara drawing
    XBM A MIME 'X11" bitmap image
    XCI XML Configuration Information (Adobe enterprise forms product)
    XDL XML Schema file
    XFD Acu4GL/ACUCOBOL extended file description (from Acucorp)
    XFN Printer font file (Xerox)
    XFN Printer font file (Ventura Publisher)
    XFT Printer font file (24 Pin) (ChiWriter)
    XFT XML Forms Template (from Adobe enterprise forms products such as Adobe Forms Designer)
    XFX Fax Document (Various)
    XHTML eXtensible hypertext markup language
    XI Instrument sample file (ScreamTracker)
    XI Instrument file (FastTracker II)
    XIF Wang imaging file (Included with Windows 95)
    XIF Image file (Xerox) (same as TIF)
    XIF Image file (Pagis)
    XIF Image file eXtended (ScanSoft) the file is similar to TIFF and is a (Pagis) native format
    XLA Add-in file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLA Archive (Xlib)
    XLB Toolbar file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLB Datafile (Microsoft Excel)
    XLC Chart file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLD Dialogue file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLK Backup file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLL Add-in file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLL Dynamic link library (Microsoft Excel)
    XLM Macro file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLR Microsoft Works spreadsheet or chart
    XLS Worksheet file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLT Template file (Microsoft Excel)
    XLT Translation table (Lotus 1-2-3)
    XLT Translation table (Symphony)
    XLT Translation table (Procomm Plus)
    XLV VBA module (Microsoft Excel)
    XLW Workbook (Microsoft Excel)
    XM Music module (MOD) (Fast Tracker 2)
    XMI Compressed midi music (eXtended)
    XML eXtensible markup language
    XNF Network file (Standard)
    XNK Shortcut file (Microsoft Exchange)
    XON Datafile (Axon)
    XPM X BitMap format
    XQT Executable file (Waffle)
    XQT Macro file (SuperCalc)
    XR1 Data file (Epic Megagames Xargon)
    XRF Cross-reference file (Generic)
    XSX Schema view layout description file (Microsoft XML Designer)
    XTB External translation table (LocoScript)
    XTP Data file (Xtree)
    XWD X Window Dump format (SDSC Image Tool)
    XWF Works file (Yamaha XG) (MIDI sequencing)
    XWK Keyboard mapping file (Crosstalk)
    XWP Session file (Crosstalk)
    XWP Text file (Xerox Writer)
    XX Compressed ASCII archive (XXENCODE)
    XXE Compressed ASCII archive (XXENCODE)
    XY Text file (XYWrite)
    XY3 Document file (XYWrite III)
    XY4 Document file (XYWrite IV)
    XYP Document file (XYWrite III Plus)
    XYW Document file (XYWrite for Windows 4.x)
    X01 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X02 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X03 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X04 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X05 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X06 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X07 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X08 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X09 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    X16 Macromedia Extra (program extension), 16 bit
    X32 Macromedia Extra (program extension), 32 bit

    Y Grammar file (Yaac)
    Y Compressed Amiga archive (YABBA)
    YAL Clipart library (Arts & Letters)
    YBK Yearbook file (Microsoft Encarta)
    YUV Graphics file (YUV)
    YZ Compressed file archive (YAC)
    Y01 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    Y02 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    Y03 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    Y04 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    Y05 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    Y06 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    Y07 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    Y08 Secondary index file (Paradox)
    Y09 Secondary index file (Paradox)

    Compressed ASCII archive (COMPRESS)
    Z Unix file Compressed
    ZAP Software installation settings file (Microsoft Windows)
    ZAP Compressed file (FileWrangler)
    ZDG Compressed text document (Zview)
    XDP Label file using Avery DesignerPro Label Design)
    ZER Data file (Zerberus)
    ZGM Graphics file (ZenoGraphics)
    ZIP Zip file Compressed archive
    ZOM Compressed Amiga archive (ZOOM)
    ZOO An early compressed file format
    ZVD Voice file (Zyxel Z-Fax)
    Z3 Game module (Infocom)

    000 Data file (GEOWorks)
    000-20009 Used to number old (backup) versions of files (for example, CONFIG.SYS when changed by an installation program); also used to number related data files for multiple users of a small-scale PC application
    1ST Documenting wizard list (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
    001-999 Database index files used by (Superbase)
    8 Source file (Assembly) (Similar to Microsoft Assembler)
    113 Backup data file (Iomega Backup)
    12M Smartmaster file (Lotus 1-2-3 '97)
    123 Lotus 123 97 file
    1-STEP Backup file (Iomega Backup)
    2D Two-dimensional drawing file (VersaCAD) (
    2GR and 3GR VGA Graphics driver/configuration files (Microsoft Windows)
    3D Three-dimensional drawing file (VersaCAD) (
    3DM 3D NURBS modeler, (Rhino)
    3DS A file in 3D Studio (for DOS) format
    386 A file for use in an 80386 or higher microprocessor
    411 Data file (Used by digital cameras)
    4GE Compiled code (Informix 4GL)
    4GL Source code (Informix 4GL)
    4V Music file (Quartet)
    669 Music mod file (Composer 669)(Unis Composer)
    669 Tracker module (Composer 669)
    #01 and higher A method of numbering picture files for a roll of film that has been scanned for computer presentation
    $$$ Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files
    ~PR Project backup file (Terramodel)
    ~$~ Temporary file (1ST Reader)
    ~AP AppExpert project database file (Borland C++ 4.5)
    ~DE Project backup file (Borland C++ 4.5)
    ~MN Menu backup (Norton Commander)
    @@@ Screen files used in the installation and instruction on use of such applications as Microsoft Codeview for C

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    abey kahan se copy kar raha hai...????

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    Default non sence

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    abey kahan se copy kar raha hai...????
    abe isase tuze kya chahiye to tu yaha se copy kar le

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinod210383 View Post
    abe isase tuze kya chahiye to tu yaha se copy kar le
    good joke but I don't like this kind of junk.... loolllzzz

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    nice work
    thnxz 4 sharing..

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    Tu Kahan Se Copy/paste Kar Raha Hai?


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