It was a dream come true -- for a little while. And while it hosted its demons and has an uncertain future, one thing is for sure: the Neverland Ranch was, on its own terms, a truly magical place.

The theme park, fairy tale home of Michael Jackson was home to rides, a zoo and a seemingly endless array of attractions that came from the mind of the pop star. From its iconic train to a carousel, ferris wheel and arcade, the ranch was a dream come true.

Financial difficulties put the property in foreclosure, with the estate coming into the control of a joint venture between Jackson and a financier, the intention being to rework the mission of the massive complex. That, of course, was waylaid by Jackson's death in 2009. Some say it should become a state park; others think it should be a theme park. Recently, it's been rumored that Jackson's children want to buy the property back at some point, which would make for a kind of storybook ending for the fantasy land.

Finance and politics aside, take a trip inside the magical land by watching below.