Everybody has secrets. Celebrities are no exception. Unlike us, however, they can use these secrets to either gain some more popularity and media attention or they can try to hide them as well as they possibly can, because some of these secrets are really dirty and celebs just don’t want media, friends, fans, the world know some details of their lives.Celebrity dirty secrets can be aboutomestic violence, assaultKim Kardashian has been keeping mum about certain details of her marriage to music producer Damon Thomas (2000 – 2003). The recently discovered court papers, however, reveal her as a victim of domestic violence.Like, in her papers Kim claimed Damon Thomas “punched her in the face, slammed her into a wall, threw her across the room and dragged her around by her hair” throughout their marriage. She also said he was trying to control her every step, including the way she looked – paying for liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures to make her look “perfect.”Secret love childrenA month after her death there surfaced reports Elizabeth Taylor had a secret love child that she was forced to give away and this secret had been haunting her for her entire life. The baby girl named Norah was born in 1960s.
A child out of wedlock. The studio and her mother gave baby Norah away,” Taylor’s confidant John Cohan told the New York Post last month.
According to him, Elizabeth Taylor had to give away her daughter because she didn’t know who the father was.Physical and psychological health issuesUp until her unexpected stint in rehab late last year, nobody had ever heard of those deep-rooted problems Demi Lovato had been dealing with for years. Only after the rehab Demi could open up about her bulimia and self-harm past, as well as bipolar disorder.Closet smockingIt’s not a secret smocking is well spread among celebrities. While some are quite open about their addiction to cancer sticks, others try their best to hide the habit from the public eye.Closet celebrity smokers include Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Ashlee Simpson, Lauren Conrad, David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, and many others.Why so secret?
[Smoking is] so taboo,” Antonia Russo, a Manhattan image consultant, explained. “There’s definitely a concept of ‘people who smoke just don’t care about themselves’ or they’re socially irresponsible. You wouldn’t want to be a part of that.”
Nude photos, videosMaking nude photos/videos is an obvious No for celebrities, though sometimes it seems it’s something they really love doing. Nude photos or videos created years ago can suddenly “surface” when you expect them the least.If you’re a bad girl like Paris Hilton, it’s ok and let those tapes be. But if a celeb has been working hard to create a good girl image, such tapes or pics can ruin the general positive perception of the celebrity as a role model (remember those nude photos of Miley Cyrus?).However, this dirty secret can also be a positive thing for a yesterday’s nobody. Would we know who Kim Kardashian is but for her sex tape scandal in 2007?