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Thread: Celebrities Photoshopped: Before and After

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    Default Celebrities Photoshopped: Before and After

    With today’s culture of young people suffering more and more from illnesses such as anorexia, bulimia and mental health issues, I think it’s important to point out the way these celebrities really look before the magic happens! Yes they have dimples, cellulite, dull complexions, flat hair – so lets celebrate their flaws that make them more like us ladies!
    Jessica Alba

    There has obviously been a lighting enhancement but Jessica has clearly been pinched in at the waist, legs, arms you name it! Why would anyone even bother airbrushing her? She looks amazing without it.
    Kim Kardashian

    Kim herself celebrates her fuller, curvier figure and is renowned for having a voluptuous and womanly figure but look….she has dimples and cellulite on her thighs too! She has also been “reduced” in size – tut, tut!
    Laila Rouass

    Now this has to be one of the most shocking pictures I have seen. The difference is remarkable. They may as well have used a completely different person altogether and not used Laila at all. They obviously didn’t choose her for her figure when they have replaced it with a photoshop version!



    Hallelujah! Our masks have been lifted and we can finally see once and for all that Madonna is a normal 50 year old woman (well, there is probably not a chance in hell that I will look that good at 50) she finally looks more her age. For a while I was scared she was an alien being who stayed young and cool forever. Someone needs to tell her it’s OK to age though!
    Penelope Cruz



    Now here we have a beautiful woman but apparently she still isn’t good enough. A few highlights, more evenly sized ****s, a thinner waist and some better lighting and all over airbrushing ought to fix those nasty imperfections for her!
    Cameron Diaz

    I have really seen it all now – Cameron Diaz of all people (the lady who does martial arts, running, swimming, surfing and general saving of the planet for fun) needs to be thinner and re-touched! Is no one safe from the dreaded Photoshop?!
    Kiera Knightley

    This actually made me laugh out loud so hard because it is such an obvious difference! Where as normal celebrities need taken in and smoothed out, the ever thinning Keira Knightley needs help with some extra junk in her trunk! There was a fear that when she turned side on for this shot she would disappear altogether out of view (not really, I’m fooling around but hey, she is soooo thin!) So yes, clearly Keira has been given a helping hand in the **** department and retouched on the face.
    Piper Perabo

    Who needs skin care when you get a flawless perfection with the stroke of a few computer brushes instead?
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    madonna and laila.....OMG!!!!

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