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Thread: in doubt coz of my gf's double behavior!

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    Default in doubt coz of my gf's double behavior!

    hello ma'am...i m 21 yr old student..i love a girl past 8 months..she lives in another city. .we hv'nt met yet..but v r having a pretty healthy relationship like husband n wife....means, i lvd her truly, she's loving me truly, she sacrificed thngs for me like anything..we are not the belong to the caste, n nt as gud luking as .neither i m at her level, she is frm Mumbai and i m from a smal she says, c dnt hv any problem wd those thngs...aftr dat c loves me like nwdays, things r going wrong...v shared everything on mails..we talked regularly, she dne evrythng 4 me..lft her carrier, city..dnt cre abt her family for nw i get know dat, 1 of the nude pics she given to me, that was fake..wn i askd her y u did dis, c says, dat was a prank..sorry. .dn i askd several things abt her, like cut n acidnt n her medicl reports, i said gv me the pruf..coz i have d doubt on that before, d pics c gave me that dnt resembles to her..c hv'nt prvd n faild...i was right...c jst involved her mom dad, nd clarified on m stl cnfusd, her family dsnt likes me, in sort, do i hv stl ask her for clearance that u r d girl in the pic, or forgot everything nd lv her like before?

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    Comprehensive English would've been better because I don't understand half of what you said. All I got is that your gf is sending you pictures and things that are not hers. Please re-submit this this quirey again using proper English... Thanks.

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    giving fake nude pic to a boy friend as a prank is understandable.. maybe she didnt wanna expose herself.

    if u ahve so many doubts on her & dont trust her... then leave her & carry on..

    meet her & talk to her. u seem very confused. first of all find out if she really loves u or everything is a prank.
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