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    Dear Preeto,

    i live abroad and will be visiting my wife for 1 week. she will be in mid of her cycle. We dont want to use condoms as we dont get that SKIn feel, what are the options for contraception?
    if she takes 2 ipils first during the 3 day and the 2nd on the 6th day, will it be safe for her
    if she takes TODAY tablet everytime we have sex will that be safe enough.
    for your info. i do not ejaculate inside
    but still we want to be sure.

    please please guide us

    thanks a lot

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    I guess you already visited your wife, however if you haven't then better is to get her started with ocp's from the first day of her menses and make sure to ejaculate out. And yes you can also use emergency contraceptive late on 2nd day.
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