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Thread: Racing angels: Will the leading ladies of race 2 get action sequences???

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    Default Racing angels: Will the leading ladies of race 2 get action sequences???

    Director duo Abbas-Mastan are all set to give a Charlie's Angels kind of action twist in their upcoming multistarrer, Race 2.

    Inspired by the Hollywood hit, the sequel of Race will have its leading ladies Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ameesha Patel performing daredevil stunts.

    The action of the thriller won't be restricted to its male leads comprising Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham and Anil Kapoor.

    A morphed image of Jacqueline, Deepika and Ameesha who will be performing stunts in Race 2, much like the Charlie¿s Angels

    Unlike in the first film, the actresses get to kick butt too in the sequel.

    'The script is being worked upon in a way that there is ample of scope for the leading ladies to do stunts,' a source in the unit said.

    In fact, Jacqueline has even started training under an expert stunt trainer to be ready for the heavyduty action.

    'The stunts in Race 2 will be of the sort that are completely unseen or even unheard of in India. A new kind of action is being introduced in this film,' Jacqueline said regarding her role in the film.

    'Abbas-Mustan plan to hire Hollywood stunt choreographers for the action - particularly to train the girls on the sets,' the source added. 'The action this time is far more stylised than Race.
    'Abbas-Mastan want to ensure that the three leading ladies do not remain mere eye candies.'

    Right now, the girls are just getting a hang of the action in store but there are few challenges in front of them since they will be performing complicated stunts.

    Deepika, who has a sport background and has previously tried martial arts in Chandni Chowk To China, is particularly enjoying the idea of stunts in Race 2. The trade, though, is taking the buzz with a pinch of salt. Lately, spreading news of actresses performing action sequences have become a prominent publicity gimmick.

    Before the release of Agent Vinod, stories that Kareena Kapoor would be doing daredevil stunts in the film did rounds, but the actress hardly had any action.

    The best she got was riding pillion with hero Saif Ali Khan on a bike, flashing her legs through a slit gown during a chase sequence.
    In Players, Bipasha Basu and Sonam Kapoor were said to have some daredevil stunts but while sonam had jus a minor car racing stunt in movie,bipasha dint had any action. Most of the action was taken care of by the male leads, Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol and Neil Nitin Mukesh.

    At the time of the release of Race in 2008, the PR machinery of the film had hyped about its leading actresses Katrina Kaif and Bipasha Basu would be performing some solid stunts.
    However, the film had no such sequence for the actresses. In the sequel, Abbas-Mastan have promised high-voltage action for the girls.

    Lets see if they keep their promise once the film releases.

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    lets wait for it.................

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    I remember smthing similar said for Chandani chowk to China...and claim surely..that these heavy dieting chicks have no stamina or guts for good action....unless its completely computer generated

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