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Thread: Friend stealer!

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    worried of wigan

    Unhappy Friend stealer!

    hi ive been friends with a girl for 3 years now we are in year 8 at high school shes been taking my friends spreading lies fueling rumours and has told my form teacher lies my form teacher belives her over me. what should i do as she keeps coming back after i make new friends and then repeats it all i am fed up as last time she told my form teacher that i threatend to kill her and hit her when i actually didnt she does this all the time. me and one of my friends used to be so close i bought her a pencil case that cost £6 for no apparent reason, i miss our convosations and my other friends i never get to speak to them unless this girl isnt in my lessons or never in school. in year 6 i organoised some events for children in need and she took credit and was letting people enter for FREE i was very upset when she demanded a voucher for a restaraunt i paid for i am really fed up and i cant do nothing coz my form teachers out to get me it feels like i am invisible what should i do and how can i get my friends back i really need help as i cry all the time about it i have tried talking to them but this one girl just starts crying when i innocently ask her "what happened we used to be so close and now i feel like you just hate me and you wish i didnt exist" i need some support as my grandma died in january and i have contained all my emotions. this girl is very controlling and sometimes i wish i never met her.

    worried and depressed of wigan :'(

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    OK, take it easy and take a huge, long breath. See, you must realise that we cannot expect just one person to be the cause of our happiness in this world. If we do that, we usually get disappointed.
    I understand that you feel like you are all alone. Never mind. Relax and have patience. Don't be needy- do your own thing with the friends that you do have. Don't try and prove any points with anyone. Once things settle down- may take a few weeks- things will be OK. You just need to be patient and play it cool, OK?

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    she is dominating u coz u let her to.. why dont u ignore her... it is okay to be alone & without friends than to be with friends who listen to her lies & believe her.

    & be yourself.. dont flatter her.. if u succumb to all demands she is making,she wil continue doing thsi same thing.. talk to your tecaher once & tell her truth...

    & then u neednt worry about what your friends & tecaher are thinking about you. seriously grow out of it.. in life u will meet many such people.. learn to ignore such liars & backstabbers.

    ignore malab TOTALLY IGNORE.. like they dont exist at all...

    & learn to be self content & happy.. as log as u know you are right,u neednt bother about others.
    Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company.

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    Got new samsung galaxy grand 2 on my wedding ani.

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    tat's pretty bad.....b confident n go up to her n assertively tell her tat enuf is enuf....she cannot intimidate u anymore n u won't b affected by any other stunts that she pulls......
    Go to ur form teacher n tell her the truth once.....
    DO NOT anybody what the truth is coz if ur friends are ur real friends they will know 4 sure what type of person u r .......n u don't need to explain to them.......
    If they r ur enemies.....or so-called frnds then even if u explain to them they do not TRUSt u....n they will never BELIEVE its fruitless.......
    Just b who u are.....but believe in urself......
    Back again!! Missed all u guys.

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