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Thread: Extremely shocked to see how false accusation has been made to this man!

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    Exclamation Extremely shocked to see how false accusation has been made to this man!

    First accusation to Dr. Zakir Naik is that he supported Osama Bin Laden while he neither supported nor rejected to believe what he did. I myself has seen the lecture where a person asked his opinion on Bin Laden and he replied saying that he doesn't know Osama Bin Laden personally so he can not make his judgement based on what he heard from BBC and CNN! as Quraan said that whenever you get information verify if they are for real and then pass it to others. Therefore as he doesn't know anything about him, he won't make any statement on him based on certain media's claim.S o what's wrong was there in that statement?? He added that at least he can say that George Bush is a terrorist since he killed millions of innocence in Afganistan and Iraq only to find Bin Laden and Saddam Hossain. So my question is that why he is being portrayed negatively just to stop him doing what he is doing?? how media can make false accusation on someone like him?? To verify my concern please check this video!!

    It will be one of the biggest crimes on the history of human civilization if he is accused and banned or crucified for doing what he never did!!

    Secondly, what he said about visiting majar is absolutely right!! no Muslim in the world can not go to majar and pray to the dead man!! Quraan and Hadith never mentioned to do it. It will be equal to worshiping idols if you go to the majar and ask something from the dead man, be it Prophet Mohammad or anybody else. Just because a portion of muslims can earn money by making it as tradition doesn't mean that we Muslims have to follow those freaks to let them earn money such way. No one can show that a Muslim can ask something in places like that from a dead man!! it will be sin if you do that!!

    Thirdly, he can compare religions and make a statement on which one is best by giving references from religious books and science!! what's wrong with that?? a rational human being will always prefer something by comparing it each other. For example, when you buy a T-shirt, you compare the T-shirt with other T-shirts in the shop so you can choose which one is best. Now if somebody compares religion says that his religion is the best based on what he found, then why in the world he will be accused for what he thinks or what he says?? Dr. Zakir Naik never push anybody to accept Islam, he never humiliated people from other religions with the comparation. Instead, he always respected other religions and then found out and showed what flaws are there in other religions. Besides, he also has the freedom of speech so why does he need to take permission from anybody to what he can speak and what he can not if he doesn't say anything wrong??

    Now for those of you who have confusion if I am right about him can go to youtube and hear his lectures. Listen at least 10 lectures of him which are not lengthy at the same time, then give your opinion him. Please do not believe in what media said about him!! you yourself will be able to find out that whatever accusation has been made on him is mostly false and have been done to suit their opinion. There are two sides of a coin and we can not say that a coin is original by seeing only one side of it. We need to see both side of the coin to approve if the coin is really original. Therefore, my request to people that please don't blame such a nice personality like him based on what you see in this news channel. Just go to youtube and the truth will come out for sure. Thanks!
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