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Thread: not able to forget old gf

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    hello mam my story is a bit different to others.
    mam i was in relationship for 4 years with a girl then some differences cropped up between us and my gf went for another ours is also a distance relationship it was going through tough times...............we had a break up around 2 months back and she went for another guy but after sometime i had to go to the place where she is living right now for around 15 days.............firstly she was refusing to meet me but after some days we met and got physical too...........she took the whole episode pretty normally................then i had to return back from that place and now she says she has broken up with her new bf but still talks to both of us on everyday basis..........i love her a lot and would accept her now as well but she says she is not able to decide for whom of both of us she should go..............what should i me mam would be greatful to you...........

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    This story and query is similar to about 50% of the people who post here.

    Both you and your ex-gf are confused. And not take anything to heart. Since none of you are ready to settle with each other, treat this sexual encounter as mere fun getogether. As far as you not being able to forget her is OK. Who said you need to forget anyone to move on.

    Bless her and concentrate on your career. Improve yourself in every way and slowly both of you will not take each other so seriously. Clearly she doesnt. Nor should you. And it always takes time to move on. And time is just a concept. It is infinite.

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