LUCKNOW: After NRHM, Noida land, toilet and canal scams during the previous Mayawati government, financial irregularities have now been found in making and installation of elephant statues at dalit memorials. These memorials were built in Lucknow and Noida by the Mayawati government. She projected them as symbol of dalit pride.

But on Monday, police found documents during raids at office and godown of the UP State Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Ltd (UPRNNM) which showed anomalies in tendering, payments to the sculptors and over evaluation of about 200 statutes of elephant at dalit parks and memorials. A senior police officer told TOI that the scam involving the supply, cutting and polishing of stone and statues could be worth Rs 300 crore.

The matter came to light on Saturday when Agra-based Madal Lal lodged an FIR against a contractor, Aditya Agarwal, from Lucknow who had ordered for the carving of the statues. Lal claimed that Agarwal gave him the contract of supplying stones and installing them after carving an elephant. Lal said he was told that the official rate of one elephant statue is Rs 48 lakh but was paid only Rs 7.5 lakh for 16 statues. Acting of the complaint, police on Sunday raided Agarwal's godown and found a statue of the elephant. Police also recovered Rs 63 lakh in cash from the basement of 'Lucknow Marbles', the office of Agrawal.

Agarwal, who worked for the UP State Nirman Nigam, was arrested on charges of duping Lal.

On Monday, police raided office and go downs of the UP State Nirman Nigam, a public sector construction unit of the UP government. "As per the papers seized so far, we have reached the conclusion that while the cost of each elephant statue was Rs 5.62 lakh, Agarwal used to receive an additional Rs 47 lakh for polishing and transportation of a statue.

There was clearly a scam in which the officers of UPRNNL were involved. We are expecting to unearth a bigger fraud after interrogating some of the officers and contractors," Lucknow DIG Aushotosh Pandey said.

On Monday noon, a police team reached the UPRNNL office and sought details of the tenders and work allocation related to elephant statues. During the examination of the files, the names of former UPRNN MDs CP Singh and Arvind Kumar Bhatia and three GMs H Kumar, AK Gautam and Avni Kumar cropped up. Police wrote to regional passport officer for the cancellation of their passports, Pandey told TOI.

Built at a cost of over Rs 4,000 crore, the dalit memorials have over 200 statues of elephant - 156 in Lucknow and 52 in Noida. The Election Commission had directed to cover the statutes at the time of assembly elections, as elephant is the poll symbol of BSP. It took 1.5km long polythene to cover the statues at a cost of over Rs 1 crore. Mayawati drew flak from several quarters for spending huge amount on construction of the memorials. The money, they said, could have been used for funding schemes to uplift dalits. Mayawati also installed her own statues in these dalit memorials.

A CBI probe into the Rs 5,700-crore scam in the implementation of the National Rural Health Mission is already underway.

The scam allegedly took place during Mayawati's rule. The Mayawati government was also pulled by the high court for acquiring land at throwaway prices from farmers and selling them to builders. Financial bungling running into crores of rupees have also been alleged in the construction of canals in Bundelkhand and toilets in rural area under total sanitation programme.

Take the above case of Mayawati...

Jab woh park banarahi thi, tab koi bhi kyon pratibhatan kyon nahi kiya ki itna paisa kharchkarke park kyon banarahe hain?

Hua bhi hoga shaayad pratibhatan, par jab park banaye time tab koi agitate nahi kiya uske kilaaf, park bangaya, paise bahut log khaaye aisa dikta he, ab postmortem karke kya fayda?

Tab yeh annaji kidhar gaye the, only UPA govt ki kartut dikaiderahi thi kya?

Corruption ke against hi toh khade hue annaji...

Jahan bahut paisa involved he, wahan corruption toh garanteed rehti, how did this park fiasco escape from the minds of the people who are now doing haaye haaye down down to mayavati?

Take BS Yeddyurappa's case.

Jab karnataka mein manganese mining chalraha tha, sabhi ko malum tha ki illegally export karrahe hain, jahan tak ki, without cleaning bhejdiye chinawale ko GJ Reddy ke log, aur bheje hue mal vapas aanelaga.

bees ton ki jagah pachas ton overload chalraha tha.

Sab barabar ke hissedaar the, RTO, forest dept wale, govt sabhi ko barabar ka payment hota raha.

Tab sab milbaatke khaye, jab case chalu hua Yeddy ke kilaaf tab yeddy villain bangaya, GJ Reddy ko aaj tak bail nahi mila.

Mera sawaal yeh he ki, jab yeh sab hota raha tab koi awaz nahi uthaya, only one instance was seen in Goa where a lady raised voice against mining mafia.

Ab jab sab lootliyagaya, ab aawaz uthake kya fayda?