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Thread: 30 Second Guide to: Chinaman

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    Default 30 Second Guide to: Chinaman

    In cricket, Chinaman bowlers are the ones who use a wrist hand action to generate spin. These bowlers are essentially left-handed and they turn the ball from the off to the leg side.

    While the general path of their deliveries, is similar to a right-arm off-spinner's, Chinaman bowlers tend to generate a lot more turn since they use their wrists prominently. In fact, much like right-arm leg-spinners, some left-arm unorthodox bowlers even bowl googlies--these, of course turn from the leg to the off side for a right-handed batsman.

    Although this style of bowling may seem organic, there are very few successful Chinaman bowlers in the international game. In fact, this method of bowling was literally unheard of even in the 1930s.

    However, in 1933, during an England-West Indies Test at Old Trafford, the term 'Chinaman' was first used to describe Ellis "Puss" Achong. This left-arm orthodox spinner--of Chinese descent--is said to have bowled a surprise delivery to Walter Robbins, that had the latter stumped. A frstrated Robbins, then, went on to remark to his teammates, "Fancy being done by a bloody Chinaman!" And thus, the term was born!

    Today, bowlers like Brad Hogg and Dave Mohammed can be deemed as Chinaman bowlers. Even the likes of Gary Sobers and Michael Bevan bowled in this unusual fashion. However, the most prominent--and bizarre--Chinaman bowler in cricket has to be former South African international, Paul Adams. The quirky spinner had a weird over-the-head action to go with his confusing line and length. During his time in the top flight, Adams picked up 134 wickets in 45 Tests, but he was unable to translate his achievements into a permanent spot in the Protea XI.

    All in all, Chinaman is a relatively unnatural style of bowling, and therefore, it's rarely seen on the cricket field!
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    Yeah, it is a bit strange sort of bowling, but I would be willing to see it in the game, as I feel it really is a hell lot of powerful weapon.

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