Hello Preeto Aunty

This is an update to the last post i made a few weeks back. To answer your question why is she even considering the idea to marry me without meeting me once -

My brother is a really cool, smart, funny, good looking guy. He has his charisma and picks up girl left, right and centre. The reason for her considering marriage with me without meeting me once is that (she has seen my pic tho) she might think I am the cool dude to hang out with just like my brother (which i am not and do not take any interest in flirting, romance etc. Basically i am a dry person).

I recently checked out her facebook and in all the pics she looks beautiful but in one pic she looks completely over weight and ugly (pardon me for judging her but it turned me off).

Although she is attractive and in a skilled profession i have doubts that i would be comfortable to have her as my life partner. My mom /dad are recommending me to meet her once at least before making any decision. Mom is asking me to add her on social networking site and start chatting and then go meet her. I have never met any girl 1-on-1 to talk marriage. What should i speak to her about? What should i take with me?

plz recommend.