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    Hi , I am 30 year old male suffering from acute eosinophilea and have been in medication for the past 10 years. The medication consists of Cortico Steriods.
    My parents especially my mother wants me to marry now. But because of certain problems I am not willing to do the same. I do not smoke or drink and any other habits as such. Describing myself, I am obese around 102 kg, dark in complexion and also have certain parts smaller than normal due to medication. I as such would be a great husband, but coming to sex life is what bothers me much. I am unable to discus this with anyone. I do not want a girls future to be pushed into hell. I did like a girl in my area, but because of this reason , could never propose to her. She recently got engaged and her marriage is about an year from now. Please advise on what should I do.

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    As far as the girl in your area goes, you cannot stress yourself about that situation.

    You obviously would have to think whether you would be happy being married or not and shouldnt do it in pressure. And if you do (love/arranged) be very honest with your to-be partner and her family. And that will ease out your tensions as well. But first concentrate on your health and then worry about getting married. Marriage is a big disease in itself.

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    You can start looking for prospective matches. But, what ever you do just make sure to do one thing - level up with your prospective match before the marriage. If she finds out about your medical condition the hard way, chances are there will be a divorce (I have seen 2-3 recent examples of people I personally know and they hid one or the other medical condition. Needless to say that not only they are divorced now but the whole city knows about their medical condition).

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