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Thread: Side affects of delay creams or pills?

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    Default Side affects of delay creams or pills?

    hello and hi aunt....
    well my problem is just same like other many guys,which is premature ejaculation(getting discharge in few strokes)
    and to overcome my weakness i m using my type of delay creams and pills..
    is it safe to use such creams or medicine..
    as after using speacially pils my heartbeat gets lower and i m not comfortable with my body condition..
    and after applying creams my pe*** gets white and it seems as if it is without any blood flow..

    i just wanna know are these affects ok?any chance of some long term issues with these medicine..
    kindly reply to my quuery

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    you did not mention if you have referred to a doctor and he has recommended the use of these pills or are you using them as a form of self medication (?). if it is the former, then do go back to the doctor and tell him exactly how you feel, so that he may address the issues. If you have not referred to the doctor, then plese stop medicating yourself, and do speak to one for proper advise.


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