Hi Preeto mam and everyone,

I am 25F, in a relationship from 5.5 years around. We were in same city initially and from 3 years it is long distance one and we are planning for marriage as well..My guy's work life is tough as he is in core company. My problem is, we meet in 3-4 months once..and we get very less time to talk over phone...But from few months our interaction is reduced a lot. As per him, talking daily is not important, meeting often is not that important.I know he loves me...but if i ask him some daily life questions, he asks me to shut up as he is mature enough to take care of himself., if i give him a call twice in a day or so,he becomes furious, that i don't give him proper space...many a times he has told me that he doesn't like to share things and i should understand him the way he is... i am really scared how our future will be..if he gets irritated so frequently as i am a very emotional person. When i discuss with him he apologize and then again behave in same manner.. . We both want to live with each other..but i feel the respect and affection from his side is going down. So people i just want to know your views is this the work pressure or is after few years the charm and affection flew away.. How should i handle it..because these thoughts are killing me..

Thanks in advance. take care guys