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    hello ma'am and friends...

    I have a problem that I can't talk to girls. I have a shy kind of nature and introvert also, but the real thing is that I can't talk to them as i talk to my cousin sisters or male friends. I am 18 years old and I see that lot of girls show less interest in me and have acne scars on my cheeks, but my friends tell me I look good. When I approach to them I start the conversion but can't make it longer and the girl lost its interest in talking to me.

    I clearly remember one fine day one of my friend and his girl friend(GF) and her friend and I were sitting in a cafe, i talked to my friend and his GF but when i turned to her friend i could talk for barely 15- 20 sec and that all... like how are you and what is going on.. that's it and she was also not interested i don't know why. After that I was kind of feed up there. I felt uncomfortable... make faces and was angry don't know why I felt to get out of there but I think its my problem meeting someone outside my friends circle. And I thing it is the main reason I am still single, and kind of annoying that my friends who don't look that great also having GF and I am only one i my friend circle who is single. My friends tell my that you are lucky you are still single or you will be sick of your girl... I basically know that but only once can't I have a GF, feel being loved. I have every thing negative in me I have acne scars, my hair is thinning, I don't have a great personality, feels like joining a gym but parents force me to not but why all my friends have joined it will me improvement in my personality but no ... and this can't talk even to girls also... I am kinda feed up with this and frustrated....

    Please ma'am help me this thing is bad for my future professional world and for... you know making GFs....

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    This is a common problem that 2 out of 10 boys suffer from. To talk to girls,more correctly chatting with girls requires lot of patience. Sometimes we had to listen to their silly matters,had to agree with a blunder she said and so and so. Your inferior complex may be another reason.Don't worry everything will be O:K

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    Chill man, you are just 18. Concentrate on your studies and yes join a gym. Girls will come.. you don't need to chase them. Be confident and don't be desperate till you hit 30 being single..

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