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    HI my name is varun and i am sick of my life i am always being teased by my friends for one or the other reason and i don't know why i am being teased off i cannot take it and i am 18 years old in groups i am always being made fun off this irritates me and even my close friends are no exception and when i ask them personally they say that i act childishly i don't know what to do please help

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    Well Varun, it would be best if you were to ask your friends to help you out with this one. they are saying that they make fun of you because you behave childishly. Get one of them to explain exactly what that means and what is the typical behaviour that you display in typical situations, and then try and rectify it.
    Getting sick of it won't help- if there's a situation troubling you, well, improve the situation by changing yourself for the better.

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    Beware of Peer pressure. In this world, everybody hates everyone. Others want you to be like them. You are a sane regular human being. Imagine how much trauma special people go through their lives.
    The best way is to ignore each and every criticism. If you find any fault in yourself, then go change it. Otherwise, you can only ignore it. And please do not be cordial with people that make fun of you. If that makes you an aloof person then fine. Its better to have 50 foes than 50 so-called friends.

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    Hey buddy.. u share my name soo.. a very personal advice i'm giving ya. .

    No.1 See if u r teased try and take it lightly.. at 18 we do hv a loads of anger in our blood can say u r a "angry young man" but taking these things personally is not good it makes ur sad and distressed in future..
    No.2 Ask ur parents n family to notice ur behavior keenly.. anything that is funny cud be avoided in public that way. Also try to hv a bit more confidence in urself.. read books, listen music, learn music, do yoga n all all gives a soothing affect to urself..

    Take Care
    Varun (here too)
    A man may show as reckless a courage in entering into the abyss of himself.

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