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    Default My study problem

    Maam i'm 15 yr old boy. I see sex clips internet but when i sit to study i remember this and cant study..
    i'm getting no concentraion.
    is my condition in problem?

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    Well, that's where will power comes in and that's the reason why adults say that you should not watch porn. It just spoils your concentration and if you are not careful, can also effect your studies- as you are aware of.
    Anyway, better take it easy watching all that now. Your exams are close and you need to make schedules of study in which porn has no place- understand?

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    You're 15. And Im almost 25 and we men go through it all our lives. We cant help it. Since you are obsessed by it you keep thinking about it during your studies. Once you will be over saturated with these videos, you'll start getting uncomfortable watching these clips again and again and again.

    Watch these clips & enjoy pleasuring yourself. Then study.

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    Block the sites dude.. U r a kiddo soo u should not watch them but u did now try a bit focus..
    A man may show as reckless a courage in entering into the abyss of himself.

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