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Thread: Itching allergy?

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    Default Itching allergy?

    I have itching on my knee skin. Its not going. Have put antifungal cream, but still its there...
    Doubting that its not infection but some allergy. Allergy can cause itching? becz sometimes i am scratching it all the time.. its unbearable
    its in both knees & similar is in my both armpits
    my knee skin is very dry. Is it related??

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    Well, yes, it could be some allergy too. Have you asked a doctor about this itching or are you self medicating? In either case, if the itching is so troublesome, you should go (back) to the doctor who has recommended the cream or go to a skin speciallist to take care of this. Do it ASAP.

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    From your description, it seems like you have an extremely dry skin around your knee area. Smother richly any vitamin E enriched moisturizing cream (like cocoa butter) around your knee area twice everyday. When done regularly without fail, you should be noticing considerable difference.

    However, itching in your armpits could be due to fungal infection. Fungi is likely to develop in people who perspire a lot. Keep your underarms clean and free of moist. Either you can use any anti-perspirant or simply sprinkle some talcum powder everyday. Avoid tight clothing around your underarms and prefer cotton wear.

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    Start with B-tex. Rest consult a dermatologist if itching persists.

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