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Thread: I love her but we are so different

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    Default I love her but we are so different

    I love her madly but we are so different on many issues and I think she's rather unintelligent, but we could chat for hours without any fights.Do you think this relationship could work?

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    Hi! You know, if all of us were exactly like each other, things could get boring around here, don't you agree? It's OK, you know- you both love each other and get along well too. If she's not as intelligent as you are- that serves a purpose too- to make you feel super smart!
    Jokes apart-smartness comes in various packages. And a loving and kind heart is so much more valuable than a clever mind!

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    you were lazy to write your problem it seem! anyways.. what you mean by unintelligent i dont understand.... but when your are in any relationship you have to learn to respect your partner the way she is!! by categorising her indirectly your are disrespecting her dude
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    Dude you are asking for an answer but look at your query and think if someone would have asked you the same, could you have answered that? You need to add more details. Anyway what I feel is that you guys need more time before you take a major decision. Maybe your GF thinks you are more "unintelligent" than her

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    so u think ur too intelligent for her..haha..this is wat every guy prob, i suggest u stop being intelligent to match her wavelength

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