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Thread: suffering every day and highly confused about my relationship!

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    Default suffering every day and highly confused about my relationship!

    ok so here i am again.......
    i have been in a long distance relationship with a guy for about 4 years now...u know in long distance its very difficult to cope with drastic changes ! neways year and a half back i moved to university,he is really insecure and jealous and i cried my *** off due to his creul attitude in the first year of my university, he has his own issues too.......1. He is jobless 2. His parents have high expectations of him....right now he is doing is internship. Ok now i dont know if thats me or the circumstances are getting us apart? One thing is we both are short tempered!!! we never really njoy our happy or big days e.g we fight even on festivals.......i want to talk to him but whenever i call him, he turns me off by saying sarcastic things, or makes an issue out of a simple joke or anything i say!!! Its so frustrating........i am short tempered but i am ever ready to make up and say sorry, he would say stop pretending blah blah...u did this u did that..........and i get so pissed off because he would never melt or accept my its to the extent he doesn't even bother to ask about me , my health, anything that upsets me apart from him, he is cold as hell.........if i complain he would say that did i myself care about him, and thats just to get the whole thing on me because i always ask about his day, where he s been?how is he doing? ......we had a breakup 4 months ago and after we patched up its just ME...who is trying hard to go near him,to make myself accepted(this is driving me crazy) do i have issues within me ?? or does he no more loves me ....i sometimes think it is because of the circumstances !!
    but even in bad phases of life,we get close to the people we love, not mind-**** them everyday.....he is living a very good life , not starving...its just the expectations i was talking about......PLEASE let me know your opinions ASAP....i am i blind in love?(which is exactly true) i am messing up with myself each and every second......and right now my blood pressure is seriously high which led me to writing here

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    Judging by your query and the nature of your explanation it seems you are an angry person.

    And not judging your relationship with him, I think you two must stop complaining and try to concentrate on your careers. Love/care and relationships are meant to make one strong and happy. Sadly, this is hell. Without finding faults in each other or the relationship, you two must move on ASAP. And this has nothing to do with long distance. One can be very civil and caring in a long distance relationship.

    Everyone has issues within them. No ones perfect. If you think that your attitude is making you lose on your relationships (friends/family) as well as in college, teachers, career, office etc., then you can change with a positive attitude that you want to stay happy.

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    Take a break from each other with mutual consent and find out if you both need each other. If either of you feels better without other, then it's time for good bye. Good luck and I hope you both become more caring and forgiving to each other.

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    Nopes you are not blind.. its just that you are a girl and you r patient.. usually girls are more patient!!! hmm well it depends now if you can be patient for long.. sometime being too patient make the other take you for granted... though he might be frustrated with his situation and taking the anger on you, but this is not right as well!! you have to talk to him and tell him (not in anger) that realise its you only who tries to make up... and make steps to be fine back, forgiving is very important in all relationship, without it its tough... if you think am not important, and you cant forgive me, then be frank and leave me, beause am tired being the only one trying to patch up!
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    Simple thing distence yourlself from him for some time and see what happens because your relationshiop is not going any where at the moment.

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    By the time you saw a change in him, you should have already realise that he's not the whom you deserve!! Another words for love are: Care, Respect,Honesty and Patience.. You should have all these qualities before loving someone..Does your bf has all these??? I don't think so! Please don't stretch the matter so far.. Put an end to this relationship, you are complicating things yourself.. After your break-up, maybe he'll mend his ways.. he'll understand your importance.. he'll realise the love you have for him... Don't be after him all the time.. If he loves you sincerely then i"m sure he'll definitely patch up with... And he continues like he's doing now, then there's no hope that he'll change his manners... Be careful..By the time you should think about yourself.. Think in what lies your happiness... What are your dreams...Don't just waste your time and spoil your health like this... Remember don't be after him all the time... May you succeed in love and also in your career..

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