hi there, I am in big big trouble and very confused over some matters happening recently. My husband and I had a fight over a petty thing juss a few days after diwali. he verbally abuses me a lot so this time i decided tht i would not talk to such a person who doesnt know how to speak. He got soo angry because we were not talking for almost one week, that he instantly picked up phone n called his mom and started complaining . There has been some issues going around with me n his mother so, we r not talking to each other. My mother in law is equally responsible for things happning in our life, infact 80 % i would say and I am misunderstood most of the times because I confront my husband about problems. So, he totally exploited me and also his mother by saying tht his life is ruined between both of us. She is very egoistic..I have never met such a person in my life....so, she always gets a chance to dominate .. My husband says that I am also egoistic...which I accept but his mother is very very troublesome ....We got married without my parents consent and till today I have been listening to things which have nothing to do with matter we fight for. His mother always grabs a chance to exploit him against them .So, I have lost all hopes now and accepted my fate like this. After diwali , I started seeing weird stuff in my house. We live in NZ , so i dont know where to go , who to ask for help. I have been seeing red spots on bathroom floor whenever i mop the floor. It has been approx 2 n a hlf weeks now. they appear everytime i mop floor. I on the other hand get very weird aches in my body here n there...my leg gets numb every night ....and yesterday i had very severe arm ache ...so much tht I culdnt talk. After all this, yesterday my husband's sister emailed him that because his mother is building a house which is already complete but still they want to build 2 rooms on the top floor...for which they need 6 lac rupees. And frankly we dont have ^ lacs at present. I asked my husband what his plans are...and he said he will empty his account and send all we have. I said but What if we need some in ER. SHudnt we keep some of it with us ..? He said no. I am very disturbed because of his poor decisions. I think his mother might be doing something to get our life in trouble. BEing so far away from my family, i dont know what to do ....where to go? I told my husband about spots and he always says dont worry. I pray most of the time ...but at the same time i am worried .MY mom , being not happy with my decision, i think I cant ask her to help me now. I am very emotional and vulnerable person ...so , i need to know where shud I go ...I want to find out why this is happening all of a sudden...?? and do you think my husbands decision on this particular money matter is fair???