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    Default NOC certificate needed

    i'm need for some advice very quickly..
    i'm currently working in state govt engg college as a lecturer. currently i'm in 1 yr probation since 4 months.
    recently i received call for interview from another govt university for the post of lecturer which i have applied before joining my current job.
    i need to obtain NOC for attending interview. i approached authorities for the same but they denied, saying during probation no NOC is given.
    pls help what should i do

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    Well, you know, every organisation has its own rules and regulations.many places do not give certificates to employees who are not permanent and who are leaving without giving proper notice.
    You can ask the HR person to give some sort of certificate or letter that states that you were working there, however.

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    Consult a lawyer too and go through your original agreement (for probation employees) closely. If it's not possible, then it isn't.

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    Have you made any contract with the first College? If not, then i think u don't need NOC, just attend the interview.
    And if u haven't already told them that you are working for this college then they won't even ask you.

    I would suggest you to attend the interview as a fresher and if you get selected then you can serve your notice to the first college stating any other reason other than this.

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