Hi ,

I m a 23 old yr guy and recently i took over my gf's facebook account which was supposedly to be a fake account . However i went through many chat sessions even earlier i've met her and found things which would make any male go mad on such things . She used to have an extra number which was used for the call purpose with those chat user(s) ... Neverthough the chats were not taken seriously but however the conversation were very nasty and God knows what might have happened in the phone calls ... Now that i've confronted her , she is bound to accept it and says nothing but sorry and to forgive her past ... But my soul could have forgiven if she would limit to only a texting activity , but there were calls and all .. She txts and calls me everyday but i am not able to behave like before and i explained my reason of change to her and quite well .. It was not just about one or two chats and calls but quite a few ... Does this girl deserve to be forgiven ?

Please don't make silly comments , lets see what the majority goes with .. To be honest i find hard to forgive .