He may have lost the drivers' championship title to Sebastian Vettel despite a close battle in the recently concluded F1 season. Fernando Alonso though continues to enjoy the support of Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali who has said that he expects the Spaniard to bounce back in the 2013 season. In a report published in the BBC, Domenicali has been quoted as saying that the time off before the start of the new F1 season will help Alonso recharge and come back hard. "It is not easy when you do such an incredible season to lose in that condition. But the strength of a champion is to make sure that in this break you recharge and once again be the best," he said.
Alonso finished the season second best, losing out to the Red Bull driver by just three points. This despite several podium finishes and thrice being at the very top of it. There were also several controversies, especially in the final race in Sao Paulo which resulted in Ferrari complaining to FIA about Vettel's overtaking manoeuvres. The matter was clarified and the complaint was taken back.
Domenicali though said that Alonso raced like a champion. "If you put yourself in his shoes, he knows and he knew at that stage he would have deserved the championship. Honestly. That's without putting any negative words on Sebastian - he won and so he deserved that. But if you look at the way (Alonso) performed since the first race, with a very difficult car in the beginning, then was able to maximise (his result) every time."