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    Hi guys,
    The Bangladeshi music star James have made a great impact on the Bollywood music industry!! He was superb in the latest blockbuster movie 'Gangster' with his song 'Bheege Bheegi'. This is for the first time something new has been introduced in the music trend of Bollywood! And I am very proud that James is our country man.I dont know how much people know about him in India but he is a legend in our country.And his music skill,voice and ability to make the listenners emotional is totallty fenomenal!! Very few musicians of the subcontinent can match with his skill.I hope you guys are enjoing his song very much.And I can assure you one thing that its the beginning of a new era....the 'James Era' in Bollywood!!!!!

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    Ofcourse james was excellent in the song Bheegi Bheegi...and i guess its the best song of the movie..dont forget that Gangster had all pretty good tracks..
    James has got a very unique voice..and i m sure he will go a long way in Bollywood..but how far..only time will tell...

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