We've all heard the term Secret Santa yet we confuse it with the real thing. Doesn't Santa already works in secretive ways. Well, here's Secret Santa in a nutshell!

Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift. It is usually practised amongst large families, or at workpalces or small bunch of people. It offers a way for many people to give and receive a gift at low cost, since the alternative gift tradition is for each person to buy gifts for every other person.

The concept of Secret Santa is from the Christian tradition and has been in practice all over the world. Played out during the Christmas ofcourse, names of participants are placed in a hat, and participants draw the name of a person for whom to buy a gift. Often, the gift-getting is practiced with all the presents being placed on a table, marked with the name of the receiver but not the giver. Sometimes the gift-giver will personally give the recipient the present, thereby revealing their identity.

The beauty of this simple game makes the environment a much more cheerful place to be in, and breaks the ice for few! And primarily so, it is a big cost-saver!