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Thread: why she takes so much time to get aroused?

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    Question why she takes so much time to get aroused?

    hi all, I am having this girlfriend since 2 years now. We are completely in love with each other and committed to each other. Ever since I'm dating her, whenever we went for some love-making I had to give a lot lot of foreplay to her to get her completely ready for sex. It sometimes takes as long as an hour to get her totally lubricated. And it sometimes becomes real turn-off for me...I don't know what's going on. Is it some kind of hormonal disorder in her or some other problem....

    Initially I thought that she's not that much interested in me but as days passed I have become quite sure that she likes me enough(otherwise why would she keep this relationship for so long and by her words too). And just to add more information, I had been dating 2 other girls too before her and we never had such problems.

    Can u people suggest me what's going on or what can I do make her.....well........a little more horny. U know what I mean..

    I really don't want to end this relation due to such things as she is perfect for me otherwise. But I guess a healthy overall relationship also includes an active sex life.

    PS: This forum is really good and provides some really good pieces of advice. This is my first question, I hope u guys can help me out here....Thanks in advance..kudos

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    Well, women do require foreplay, but if its really taking up to an hour, then I do agree, that it could be a bit putting off. Try some other ways, you know- reading some erotic stuff or watching it could help. maybe the sex has become a bit routine (?)- changing the pattern could be a way out.

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    You guys need to experiment, and that will help you figure out what works the fastest. All girls are different. This is not a hormonal disorder, but just a psychological issue.

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    you know women mind doesnt work like men do... i mean thinking about sex all the time.... so they need time to get aroused... foreplay is a must if you really want your girl or wife to enjoy.....

    lol you get tired in doing foreplay... love making is all about plaeasuring each other dr... so instead of getting iritated understand that your girl needs that.... in forms part of the love making right.. unless you need only sex....

    and also if ever you had a girl in past who got aroused easily... then let me tell you... different people are different.. and we have to accept it like this!!!!!!!!!
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    if its taking time,youre doing it wrong, search for some techniques on net, and find where she is ticklish!

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    Dear "Having to sweat"

    Women have varying thresholds when it comes to being reasonably aroused and ready to enjoy the act of love making. Men have a tendency to do it like Usain Bolt, but over a period of time, match the pace of their partner. These are teething issues, although an hour is a marathon for the warm-up. There has to be something she gets turned on by or loosens up. Does she like Enigma's music, Tom and Jerry, John Abraham's Abs, Purebred Arabian Horses, Axe deodorants, Chocolates and Ice Creams, Strawberries and Maple Syrup, Mike Tyson's Tattoo, Bhagwan Osho's beard, a Moroccan bath, a Thai massage, Lady Gaga's hairstyle......

    Try and incorporate it in your session and bring in an element of surprise. Not all women like to be stripped and stuffed like a thanksgiving Turkey, although many would claim to have such partners. You are paired with a Marathon runner, who needs that build up before the final spurt. Pace yourself. Read Paulo Coelho or Ayn Rand, try transcendental meditation, visit your dentist more often, walk your neighbor's Dog, take a bus from Silk Board to City Market (if you are living in Bangalore), Watch Casablanca three times in a row, watch Cooking shows on the Television, See Big Boss religiously.

    I will pray for you to stay the course.

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