Hello Mam, I have a very basic confusion. I love to be with cute girls (my weakness as well as fantasies), however I have this lingering feeling that I should rather be with a good nature girl. I understand that the first question that might pop up is do I think that cute gals don't have a good nature. On this, I have been with a few girls (I am about 30 now) and have found that if a girl is cute, she often does not go below her skin.What I mean is that the gals I have come across are so engrossed in their beauty, they fail to realize that they have an amazing potential within them. On the other hand, the other gals (not so cute... Plz don't judge me) have been able to cultivate beautiful qualities which I want in my life partner.
Now, I am stuck between my fantasy and want. I fear that if I marry a gal who is about average, then I might regret it and I might not be able to be 100% with her and I have no right to spoil a gal's life. A gal always knows if the guy is with her or not. She might feel cheated. However, if I marry a cute one, I might end up being frustrated that the gal is way below me and I need a gal who can challenge me in all spheres of life and not be just dependent on me.

Need suggestions, especially a feminine point of view.