Hi Preeto mam,

I've had few relationships so far. And none of them had happy ending.
I've been cheated thrice now. And don't know why I'm so unlucky in love.
I'd a 2year long relationship with my 2nd girlfriend, it was so beautiful and I wanted to marry her. She lied she cheated on me.
It took me sometime and I tried to move on and started dating a girl whom I knew for 5months as a friend.
After 1month of being committed she informed me that she's getting married! And the talks were going on between their families since last 1month (while she was dating me).
It again left me hurt and now I just can't trust anyone anymore.

Girls comes into my life, propose me, then left me.
Within next 1-2 years my parents will put pressure of marriage on me.
I'm just too much afraid to trust anyone now. And don't want to get married.

Don't know what to do. Why I can't find
Someone who loves me and want to be with me forever.