Hi Mam,

My name is Amar ,I am 26 years old. I was in love with my best friend from last 8-9 years. I told her about my feelings 4-5 years agobut told me at that time she didn't know I thought about her like that and only thought of me as a friend I respected her decision and we continued being friends in between that time period I moved to a different city and stuff and started working we were not in contact the same way anymore. My parents found me a girl and I got married to her recently she hasn't arrived in States yet .Than again me and my best friend got in contact again. She is a really nice girl , very understanding full of life. I always felt she was my soul mate. I told her about my marriage and she was really happy for me. Than recently she told me that she does not want to talk to me anymore because she understood it late and she likes me . She said that she even feel weird about it because she knows I am married and she does not want to be a girl who likes a guy who is married and does not want to create any misunderstanding in my marriage.My friend has always been a very straightforward person. I don't know Mam in my life she matters a lot, it's really important for me to know always that she is doing well and I know she cares about me a lot. . Should I try to contact her or no and tell let's stilll be friend or respect her decision?

Thank You for your time