everyone, please suggest me with good heart instead of making any fun or trying to find some mistakes from me in the below one. badly need your suggestion at the time of new year

mine is a love marriage and we now have two kids. we both work. occassional fights are there like any other relationship and all is going fine according to me. we are intimate even till date. but a day before suddenly i happen to see an intimate mail thread between my wife and her colleague. i was completely devastated as i always had trust on my wife and loved her to the core. didnt want beat around the bush so openly asked here about this. she initially denied saying she didnt know but later agreed that its she who wrote those. her version is, its all in mails and nothing physical and she never planned any physical thing. she agrees that its a big sin done and was not in proper mental condition while doing it. she confirmed to let go this off and not fall in the trap in future again. my question is should i continue to stay with her? will i be of same mind if we continue? i still love her and that love makes me believe that she is saying truth about not wanting to go physical. but definitely this gives great discomfort to me and unbale to digest the fact that she did this to me. can i forgive and move on? should i have her stop working? really finding it difficult to think ways to get out of this. divorce is the best option but considering kids future, unable to take that decision - want to think 100 times before i opt for that as we both love our kids so much and dont want them to be suffering for our misdeeds. if my wife had loved kids so much, she would not have even attempted this but she is admitting her mistake and asying wont repeat at all. completely clueless. due to society issues, i am unable to commit sucide nor kill her for what she done to tme. my family will be blamed and in trouble with bad reputation for this nonsensical stuff. your sincere suggestions and advise please.