I am 35 yr old working women in a reputed company in delhi and my husband is 36, we are a happy family my husband loves me and our kids very much . The problem is since that case in delhi, my husband’s behavior is totally changed towards me and my 5 yr old daughter he has become over protective like I commute to my office by office cab and it takes me 2 hrs to reach home in evening he calls me atleast 10 times to check I am fine. I can not go alone even to the parlor which is near to our society he stands there outside the parlor even if it is taking time. I know he cares for us he is very emotional person he touches his mother’s and even our daughter’s feets before going to office. I have seen his wet eyes whenever he sees news about that girl. One more thing is bothering me that since that incident in delhi he has stopped physical intimacy. I asked him many time what is bothering you he says he is always afraid for us, he has become over emotional. Pls advise if we should consult any doctor for that.