Hello folks,

Please help me here.

Me and my wife got married got married a year ago. Nearly 2 years since we know each other. We have been in US for more than 3 years

Problem is

When we are engaged, she told me about a close guy friend in her undergrad who kinda of liked her. She said that he never proposed to her though my wife understood that he liked her. That guy wrote lot of pages in her scribble book as well and I could figure out that he gave lot of attention to my wife.

After that she mentions his name in her list of best/close buddies many a times. However I am confused about few things in my life

1) This guy was in relationship after their undergrad i.e. my wife left to US for further education. My wife knows it because he shared the info with her as she is a close friend
2) This guy is getting married in this year and is in US for last 2 years
3) Before we getting married and on her birthday, I casually asked who wished her (last apr)?...She said that this guy friend of hers wished. Then I asked that his name wasn't on the call list in her phonebook. She said he called at work. I know for a fact that's a lie because she doesn't share her work number with friends or anyone except me. I got little suspicion that may be my wife also liked him in undergrad but they never expressed it to each other. I dont know the reason but she tries to project him as a best buddie.
4) I saw many pics of my wife and her friends hanging out in undergrad. He is beside her in 90% of the pics in undergrad.
4) After a while in some conversation, my wife denied his interest in hers in undergrad and she said that they were close friends. She said I am mistaken in understanding the conversation. She said it was platonic relationship/
4) After my wife got engaged they werent in touch for atleast an year or so. After a long time and few months (4-5) ago, my wife initiated a FB message and that led to texting between both of them
5) My wife has an attitude. Even if her best friends ignore her, she is equally stubborn and never talk to them. People used to call her "Miss Attitude" in undergrad. But she messages him even though sometimes he doesn't respond or responds late. Sometimes he does send some silly comments and for every silly comment that guy texts, she is very amused and laughs. On this new year day, many of her close friends called and texted my wife but my wife texted him first even though he didn't send her any message/wishes and later she responded to remaining people/friends.
6) I know my wife is very decent & from decent family and I trust her a lot. She has 4 other best friends who are guys but I never felt this weird with them. Even I am good friends with all 4 of her other guy friends and we hang out when we meet.
7) Finally I told her that she is giving special importance to this guy and it is weird and I don't like it.
8) She again responded to his text last night and she said that she isn't doing anything wrong.
9) Its also common that friends like each other posts or pics. All of her other guy friends liked our wedding pics except this guy.
10) These texts were never flirtatious or romantic etc but for some reason, I am feeling very weird. She normally responds to text messages very late or never respond, but with this guy she responds immediately.
11) Though the number of text messages between this guy and my wife is less than 30 in last 4-5 months and not at all flirtatious, I feel very weird.

Am I being too paranoid? Why is she giving special importance to this guy? What should I do? Please help me.