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Thread: Sex not working for me

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    Default Sex not working for me

    we are a couple from pakistan. we got married 2 months ago. My point of concern is that I donot get sexually aroused. i do not feel pleasure of having the pe***s actually inside. Im unable to experience the pleasure and satisfaction which I used to have in mastur******. The foreplay is short, around 5mins, and im not stimulated during foreplay either. However before getting married i used to get stimulated by watching something explicit and used to get wet enough. Now i do get wet but only very little. Its been 2months i missed my periods which was supposed to fall on 14th december, however there arent any visible signs of pregnancy as well. i would also like to mention that during my wedding dates i used 'primolut-N' for 3 days to delay my period. i am unable to enjoy any one day of my married life please help me mam....

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    Well, lets look at the pregnancy angle first. If you are pregnant, then that may be the reason that you are not feeling like sex, you know. sometimes the signs don't show as we expect them to- all pregnancies are different. The best thing is to get a pregnancy test done or buy a pregnancy test kit if it is readily available. If pregnancy is not the reason, then we can examine what could it be, but first get this check done.

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    Use the kit of go to a doctor to figure out if you are really pregnant. If you are not, then its more like a psychological thing. Your mind is kind of wired in such a way that you only find pleasure in helping yourself by yourself (and porn), and now that you are married and have a partner, it is not able to adopt the new method of sexual pleasure. Talk with your partner and ask him to extend the fore play. You need to relax and think positive (don't think too much) as thinking too much will not let you get turned on. You guys are newly wed, so soon you guys will find out ways to turn you on more easily etc. Keep on experimenting and your partner needs to co-operate in experimentation.

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    your period time can change because of taking thepills u took... or maybe u could be pregnant. go to doctor & get pregnancy test done. YOu r just married, it may take u sometime to enjoy love making. firstly if its arranged marriage.. try to come emotionally closer to your husband. Love him really.. try & be happy.. things will definitely change.
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    Like maam said if you are pregnent then the interest can be less and every pregnency is different. Right so get it all checked first and just open your mind a bit.

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