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    Hello maam im female20 from pak. My family especially my mom wants me to settle down n get married,i always wanted love marriage not arrange it seems awkard to me! So i like a guy he's 22 very well settled,good earner,great background. N also he's my friend. My family knows about him that he's my friend. The problem is he is not frank with his family so he wanted to tell them but cant because he never talk about marriage with his family. So what i want you to do is give me some good n useful advice so he can tell his family about me n we can continue then! So basically how he can tell his parents? And what should we do? My parents will agree i know but he's a little afraid how to ask his parents or tell them! Kindly help us especially him. he asked me to ask you

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    If you are sure your family will agree, ask your parents to talk to his parents. Hopefully there will be no problem.Also ask your guy to talk to the parent who is more close to him..some guys find it easy to talk to mom & few guys feel comfortable to talk to dad.. if he cant talk to both,ask him to take help from uncle or aunt or cousins.
    good luck t you
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    Ask him to take help from uncles or his siblings if he can't talk to his parents directly. Or else you both can talk to you parents first and then your parents can talk to his. You can go ahead and let your mom know right now..

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    Tell your guy to talk to his parents before your parents talk to his since they need to know the details of your family background etc etc...... and at any point of time they should not feel that their own son has let them down....which might lead to rejection without any second thoughts......
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    Default tell straight

    sochna kya h bta do,otherwise ghar walay kahin or dhund laygay,or fir ladna mohhobat ki jung,

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    Well the thing is that he needs to talk to his mother first and see what she says and then take it from there.

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