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    hello i m in a relation since last 7 years but since last 1 and half year we r in very bad situation my bf always suspects even wen i used to tell him evrything about me. v are in a distance relation since the beginig.last year he physicaly absued me which i cud not telerate but i cudnt breakup wit him coz i love him a lot .but i was tryin to go awy form him and i ended up with otr littel physical too.but i cudnt forget my bf. n i confsed evrtyhnin to him and wanted 2 forget the past n continu with him.but he is stil da same always suspects me abuse me verbly and if have any complaint wit him he`ll jst ask me 2 goaway from his life.but aftr some tym he`ll say dat he love and all.dnt knw hw 2 deal wit it..
    plz help me

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    Hi! See, the thing is that the relationship is turning sour and when the sweetness goes, its time to take stock and work on things. Either you both take a hard look at things and start working on the issues seriously. Or you think of letting go while things are still not too bad. Finally, which way you want to take it, is up to you!

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    look dear..... why is he getting to the extent of abusing?? is it that you unwilling to give him the secutiy, by telling him where you going or they simply keep suspecting even if you always care for telling where you going for example...?

    if so then i will say you got to the wrong person both times.. thats what happen when you be with someone to fill your loneliness.. which 99% people do!!! dont let them take you for granted... put it clear that you wont tolerate this....

    and yeah is your second relationship distance relationship???? surving through the net??

    if so then dr... distance relationship is simply nonsense.. leave it for people who cant aford to have a real life partner and pass their time on net.... its all rubbish... i dont understand why people get into net relationship....

    distance relationship is always problematic.. look for someone near and in real life not virtual life
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    its time to say goodbye to this long distance lover of yours because now his mind is getting sick as he is all the time suspecting time will pass this habit willl turn out to be like hell....its better if you get off the car right now....

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    No, these things are part of a relationship. And also, 1 person out of 2 in a couple has to be more dominating over the other. So go ahead with him.. life is simple,, stuff like this is going to happen for the rest of your life. So get used to it.

    Don't like it? Don't agree with above line? Then prove me wrong or else leave him behind.

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    Dear Vaishali

    1. How did he physically abuse you when you were in a Long-Distance relationship?

    2. What is "little physical"? Can I say that my wife is moderately chaste as compared to Maria Susairaj?

    3. 7 years is a long time. If there is no trust after this and both of you are uncomfortable, you need to call it quits. That, my dear Vaishali is the best option.

    4. The answer is in your name. "Why Shall I" continue this relationship?

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    I wud suggest to take some time off. Nxt time he tells u to leave, thn leave and even if calls u bak tell him u need time. Let him feel the pain that he inflicts on u by abusing u verbal and non verbally. If he doesnt comes bak-u have ur answer and if he comes bak tell him straight forward he needs to respect u (u shud also compromise alil in case it feels he is really tryin). Sometimes distance & time fires up Love life. Gud luck to u Lady!!

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