Hello everyone, I am a normal 20 year old kid living with his parents. Until last week my life was normal. when suddenly i came back from home and found a person around 48-50 about the same as my dad's sitting with my parents. I saw a remarkable similarity in my appearance to his. anyways my parents asked me to go back to my room. later in the night my parents revealed to me that man is my real biological father. They said that after marriage it was found that my dad was impotent and in those days ivf wasnt much heard of. In desparation and family pressure ( my parents did not reveal the impotent fact to any of my relatives ) my father searched for a man who would reproduce with my mom for money. After a long search they found this man and i was born. He according to the arrangement never contacted me or my family. but now he needed money so he came. My parents said that they felt i should know the truth. I am too shocked even to react..i feel disgusting to be honest that i was conceived in this manner..plz advice