Hi Mam,

When I was in school, there was this girl, a year junior to me. We use to travel by the same school bus.
I really loved her but never mentioned to her. She was in the school for a year only and then moved to a different city. I felt terrible as I didnt know what to do, lost focus in studies as use to think about her most of the times etc.

But as I grew memories started fading away and I kinda managed to get over her. I always thought its over and I cant fall in love with her again.

Last January, out of curiosity I looked for her on facebook and located her profile. I was cautious as I dint want to go that road again but I started opening her profile often (I dunno why).

I am in love with her again. Its been like 14 odd years since we saw each other in person.

I tried sending her messages on facebook reminding old time but she never responded. I am pretty sure she doesnt remember me and even if she does then probably I am not worth replying. I dont want to send her too many messages and freak her out. I have sent like 3-4 messages so far.

I have no clue what do I need to do now. I am in love with her and would like to marry her.
I dont even know if she is dating anyone or like someone. I dont even know if she remembers me at all.

Earlier I use to think that what happened during school was mere attraction or infatuation but its not.

I was of the opinion that I would never marry but now there is an exception to it. If i cannot marry her then probably I would never marry anyone as she is the only one whom i have loved. I am saying because I have dated few girls during college but never felt this way. She is the only one.

I am now in Delhi and she is working in Bangalore. We are too far.

Please help me here. What do i Do now? How do I speak to her and let her know how much I love her.

Looking forward for something helpful.